With 3D Laser Scanning Services, Michaelsberg Abbey Is Brought to Life

Using Digital Projection

A piece’s great and vulnerable elements are obvious in photos. However, with 3D laser scanning services, it is easy for the proper authorities to rectify what needs to be fixed and highlight what needs to be highlighted.

The Michaelsberg Abbey has once again turned to 3D scanning services, which have been available for some time and whose use has yielded impressive results.

Michaelsberg Abbey, a 1,000-year-old Benedictine church located in the UNESCO world heritage site of Bamberg, Germany, has been reconstructed using Digital Projection’s Satellite MLS system with Multi-View 3D scanning services.

EPFL Pavilions in Lausanne are hosting an exhibition called Deep Fakes: Art and its Double, which aims to demonstrate the art world’s emergence into a digital society.

EPFL Pavilions director Sarah Kenderdine, the show’s curator, described the 1,000m2 exhibition as “the result of several years of new creative techniques emerging from the area of computer science,” referring to the artifacts on display as “cultural deep fakes.”

Visitors can see works by seminal media artist Jeffrey Shaw, such as The Golden Calf, which only becomes visible after visitors perform a “dance of veneration” around its pedestal, and The Next Rembrandt, which uses artificial intelligence to create a “new” work inspired by the Dutch master, who lived and died in the 17th century.

When structural problems were identified in 2012, the Michaelsberg Abbey was closed for renovations. The city of Bamberg hired an expert in 3D laser scanning to produce a photorealistic recreation of the church’s interior using high-resolution 3D laser scanning services, which includes important works by artists from the late Renaissance and Rococo periods.

Weimar’s Bauhaus University and spin-off business Consensive developed real-time rendering techniques for ArcTron’s 3D models, allowing them to be exhibited in immersive VR utilizing Multi-View, Digital Projection’s multi-user 3D scanning services, as part of the exhibition.

The INSIGHT Satellite MLS 4K HFR 360 projector and six Volfoni-made glasses are part of the Digital Projection system in Lausanne, also installed by Bauhaus University.

Because of its ultra-fast frame rates (360 fps), a single projector can deliver several viewers an immersive 3D laser scanning services experience. Each of them sees the exhibit in a way that is tailored to their current location.

In this way, the users may see and interact with each other in a truly shared and collaborative manner.

If you’re solely interested in 3D for yourself, you’ll be happy to know that the INSIGHT Satellite MLS 4K HFR 360 gives an unmatched 360 frames,” Kenderdine said.

As one researcher put it, “Giving each user their own perspective on an object presents us with unexpected possibilities to interact with.”

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