3D Laser Scanning Services Unlock Mysteries of the World's Oldest Computer

Researchers Studying Ancient Greek Astronomical Calculator

3D laser scanning services have proven to be one of the most useful tools on the market. It is a cutting-edge technology that continues to amaze us. The latest news to involve this equipment is one that may surprise you. It is being used to unlock the secrets and mysteries of the world’s oldest computer. Researchers at the University College London have been studying the ancient Greek astronomical calculator used to predict astronomical events. 

This device is 2,000 years old and has to be handled with care, so 3D laser scanning services are the perfect tool to uncover the mysteries revolving around this object. This computer is known as the Antikythera Mechanism. This device’s goal was supposed to help researchers predict the positions of the sun, moon, and solar eclipses. 

Through 3D laser scanning services, the researchers were able to fully understand how it works on the inside. There has been no good way to observe the insides in the past because preserving this artifact came before anything else. The artifact is very old and had to be handled with care. With the help of 3D laser scanning, the team saw the gears, the slots, the pins, and how they all worked together to create their model. 

Why is 3D laser scanning the best device to use?

This cutting-edge technology has many advantages that you may not know about. Here is why this technology is the perfect tool for scientists and researchers. 

Noninvasive- The best thing about this device is that it is completely noninvasive. So, instead of touching the object and trying to take measurements or opening the machine up by hand. All a researcher needs to do is turn it on and have the machine roam over the object. It can gain deep insight into an object without having to touch it or open it. 

Budget-friendly- Unlike other ways of gathering information, this device is super budget-friendly. There are now many different kinds of 3D laser scanning devices, and all are useful for different projects. 

Adequate models- You might be wondering how anyone can view the information that has been collected? Well, once the item or object has been scanned, the information gets sent to CAD software, where it is clearly laid out. The image can be edited and viewed for further analysis. You can see every detail in the software and even add in more details. 

Sharing information- This is one of the easiest ways to share data with other people or teams. The data can be sent to teams across the world from the CAD software to gather insight into the object. It creates a phenomenal way to communicate sensitive information. 

Physical models- On top of everything else, this information can be turned into other physical models that are almost exact replicas. This allows for a different version of the model to be studied which can help researchers gain further insight. 


3D laser scanning services have entered our world at full force, and it is not slowing down in use any time soon. We will see more researchers adopting this technology in the future.

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