3D Laser Scanning Services: Repairing a Damaged Dino

Dinosaur Land's Megalosaurus Restored

In May 2020, a series of trespasses occurred at Crystal Palace’s Dinosaur Land, which led to the destruction of Megalosaurus. The nose of this poor dino broke off, and now a team is using 3D laser scanning services to try and help repair this dinosaur. The Megalosaurus was one of thirty dinosaurs uncovered in 1854. Much of the work being done is being done off-site, but the outcome is looking good. 

3D laser scanning services are going to be used to analyze the fragmented section and understand where the prosthetic pieces need to be placed to ensure the full look. They can recreate the broken areas to study the missing pieces. With the information, the team can repair the dinosaur. 

The scanning work is due to be done by the end of April and is on track as far as everyone is aware. The team is unclear if the break-in resulted in the damage by men climbing on top of the dinosaur or a pre-existing crack that led to the damage. Either way, 3D laser scanning services are going to help with all the repairs. 

3D laser scanning SERVICES ARE the best for researchers

There are many reasons why teams choose to use 3D laser scanning services; this cutting-edge technology provides the ultimate way to gather information. With the information, they can easily recreate pieces necessary for the physical object to be complete.

Creation of physical models – You may be surprised to find this out, but once the information is collected, it can be sent to a printer. This isn’t just any printer; it is a 3D printer. Connected to 3D laser scanning, it can print exact and accurate models of whatever is missing. This can help create a full model. 

Sharing information with teams – One of this tool’s best features is that a team can share it with anyone else from the CAD system. They can send it as virtual reality that allows a team across the globe to see the information virtually exactly how the physical models look. It creates a unique way to share and communicate with others that would normally not have access to the data. 

Faster at gathering data – Another really cool thing about using 3D laser scanning is that it is way faster at collecting information. It takes rapid pictures, sometimes thousands per minute, and gathers everything you could think of. It is way faster than gathering information by hand. 

Non-invasive and no harm- When working with artifacts or anything that cannot be damaged, this is a great choice to use. It does not physically touch the objects, so it can keep any damage from happening. 

Final thoughts

There are so many ways 3D laser scanning services can be used, and we will continue to see more researchers adopt this amazing technology. Soon the broken Megalosaurus will be fixed with the help of the most cutting-edge technology. We are still unsure what caused the damage, but hopefully, e will understand why it happened with further inspections with further inspection. 

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