Measuring Hair Volume With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Beauty Brands using it for testing

When you think of 3D laser scanning services, your mind typically doesn’t jump to the beauty industry. However, as we move forward to a generation that relies heavily on technology and wanting to be involved with the latest trends, we see more of the bigger brands use 3D laser scanning. What are they doing now? To prove how well hair products work by adding volume or body, they must prove it works. 3D laser scanning services can help a beauty brand test and prove that its products work.

We all love hair products that work; we want shiny hair with intense volume without frizz. To get anything scientifically proven, a brand has to allow researchers to study and test its products. The best tool for the job is 3D laser scanning services. Researchers have been using the Volscan Profiler that can measure the dimensions of each strand of hair. 

The evaluation of hair and how the products work is essential for any brand to stay in business. This test is something that has to be done to prove that their products work the best. Most ladies and gentlemen love finding products that have been backed with research and evidence. 

Brands should be using 3D laser scanning services, and here is why

Brands worldwide should be using 3D laser scanning services to test, analyze, and track the data. It can help them prove products work and can be a really good selling point. Here are some of the best advantages a brand can receive from using this technology. 

Good ROI – Though the initial cost may be high, the return on investment is impressive with this technology. It can allow a brand to prove their products work, giving them more sales than ever before. It will enable a brand to see in-depth information that can help them make the necessary changes to profit. 

Non-invasive – This technology will not physically touch the model’s head. So a brand can fully see the changes, and no outside forces can affect the outcome of the results. This means data is way more accurate than trying to take the data by hand. 

Tracks all data – 3D laser scanning is one of the best ways to track and observe all of the information. On top of that, the information gets stored in the cloud, where it can never be deleted. This makes it one of the best ways to keep an accurate log of information. A team can look back and understand all of the changes and outcomes that have been cataloged. 

Provides open information – One of this tool’s best features is that it allows for open communication. Customers can easily see the information and data provided by the brand. The data can be sent to team members worldwide, and changes can be made virtually if necessary. It allows for a team that is spread out to view data in one spot. 


3D laser scanning services are slowly entering the beauty world, and it is not slowing down. More marketing teams will start using this technology, and it will soon be a requirement if a brand wants to stay in business. This can help a company achieve the impossible. 

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