3D Laser Scanning Services: Niantic Is Creating Better AR Tech

Company is working on New Real-World Metaverse

As technology adapts and evolves, we are seeing more AR companies like Niantic turn to the 3D laser scanning devices that we all have right in our pockets. They are creating a world where the physical and digital overlap, and gamers could not be happier in the real world. Niantic, a firm specializing in augmented reality (AR), was created in 2010 in the United States. It now intends to establish a fresh foothold in the emerging next-generation internet by simply doing what it has been doing for years, creating augmented reality technologies. They use 3D laser scanning devices to help achieve these goals, and players worldwide have access to this technology without even knowing it. 

Joining the metaverse

Niantic’s new “real-world metaverse” will be powered in part by the company’s newly unveiled Lightship platform, which lets developers build their own augmented reality experiences. This company is best known for its Pokemon Go app, which mixes 3D scanning services and then uses the technology to add in little Pokemon monsters for players to catch. The technology makes it look like the player is catching the Pokemon in the real world instead of just the game. 

Niantic doesn’t want people to stay at home with their VR headsets or video games, instead, they want people to get out in the real world. This is a way for users to experience real-life, move outside, and be active with their surrounding environments. This is why the company is turning to 3D laser scanning services and AR. It allows a user to walk through the streets and experience life differently. It doesn’t keep them stuck at home; it encourages them to get out and play. 

Creating a new world with 3d laser scanning services

Imagine a world where adults don’t have to give up playtime, but instead, they can go on hour walks and play games with their kids? This is what Niantic strives for, and they can achieve this goal through 3D laser scanning services and augmented reality. Many people worldwide now have access to smartphones that actually have this kind of technology embedded in it. 

Many industries are joining the metaverse, but for every company joining this movement, they understand that it is still a long way off from being its truest form. We will see more companies join in and start creating virtual and real-world experiences for users. In five or six years, we will see a spike in the metaverse and more consumers pick these games. 

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