3D Laser Scanning Services Bring Norse Mythology To Life

artists use technology to reimagine Ship of the gods

Heinrich & Palmer are the artists behind the amazing installation of the Ship of The Gods appearing in the nave of St Mary’s Church Fratton. They’re using 3D laser scanning services to reimagine the Norse ship.

The light and sound spectacle is inspired by Norse mythology depicting the Skidbladnir. The mythical shape-shifting vessel is large enough to carry the Norse gods, along with their equipment, and can fold down to a size small enough to fit in a person’s pants pocket. 

Drawing on 3D Arctic mapping data and maritime culture, the artists have created an ephemeral vessel capable of transforming into a pocket-size model. 

The artists have thirty years of collaborating experience working in large public sites and spaces. While they are artists first, they are the first to admit that new technologies like 3D scanning services have a large impact on how they work. 

Traditional lighting isn’t bright enough to capture every detail, and it’s one of the reasons they are turning to laser scan services. The bright laser light accurately captures every nuance down to minute details. 

3D scanning services allow them to recreate a digital twin of the space they work with. From there, they can scale their art to fit the space. It gives an illusion of reality when the art is a projection. 

While bringing The Ship of the Gods to life with 3D scanning services is one of the artists’ first projects using the technology, they are eager to see what else they can create for the next Portsmouth event. 

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