3D Laser Scanning Services: A New Nuclear Power Plant Solution

Companies Collaborate on Innovations

Duke Energy One and L3Harris Technologies have launched a tailored, cost-effective nuclear power plant solution that will give comprehensive 3D laser scanning services for operational nuclear facilities. 

The new service will improve response preparation and efficiency while also lowering costs and improving safety. Using cutting-edge 3D scanning services, Duke Energy creates as-inbound 3-dimensional models of nuclear power plants that are custom-made for each site.

This collaboration promises:

  • Customized, immersive 3D laser scanning services are provided as part of innovative services for nuclear facilities.
  • Customers may use the solution to handle operational opportunities and issues while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

L3Harris integrates the data with a comprehensive and cooperative environment that includes a suite of decision-making capabilities, including scenario writing, radiation modeling, 3D scanning services, data improvement, and ERP connectivity, giving access to important asset data in one location. Orchid® IX, a unique team experience, may be utilized with various models.

What then is the perfect solution?

The real-time data offered by these realistic models can help nuclear power facilities foresee what will happen in their immediate environment. They may utilize this knowledge to arrange complex work across several sites and interdisciplinary teams, conserve money and time, improve safety, and lower radiation risks. 

Nuclear power plant immersive simulations may also be valuable for planning outages and discovering unforeseen conditions that might result in significant financial losses if not discovered. The system includes specialized structured training for individual nuclear power plants and unique 3D scanning services of each nuclear plant’s interior components.

L3Harris Technologies (NYSE: LHX) is a fast-growing worldwide aerospace and military technology company that provides end-to-end solutions to satisfy clients’ mission-critical requirements. The firm supplies innovative defense and commercial technology across the space, air, land, marine, and cyber sectors. L3Harris generates roughly $18 billion in yearly sales and employs 47,000 people worldwide, serving clients in over 100 countries.

Final Thoughts on Nuclear POWER and 3d Laser Scanning Services

We understand the importance of nuclear energy to individuals, businesses, and communities worldwide. We also recognize the value of collaborating with other strong, forward-thinking organizations to provide nuclear operators with the tools they need to succeed. 

“That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with L3Harris to provide the industry with a new approach to keep on top of safety, management, and cost-effectiveness,” Huber added. There is a lot to look forward to in the years ahead, so stay connected with us as we offer you timely and informative information about various 3D laser scan services.

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