Using 3D Laser Scanning Services to Weigh Pigs for Commercial Production

The Technology Helps in Many Ways

Pig farmers in Seoul will soon start using a mobile device to weigh pigs using 3D laser scanning services technology. The new technology will help pig farmers boost their profitability, manage costs, and reduce feed consumption.

Illuvation, a tech startup, has developed a device that has demonstrated its efficiency and reliability through various field tests sponsored by IPET. Experts believe it is an excellent product that will do well in overseas markets.

How They’re Using 3D Laser Scanning Sevices

The new 3D scanning services technology doesn’t work like the traditional visual measurement technique, where the farmer has to weigh a pig on a fixed scale. It could cost a lot of labor and time.

However, IPET found that the new 3D laser scanning device is 60 times faster than the traditional visual measurement. It boasts a 95% accuracy rate that uses an algorithm that converts 3D scanned images into weight. It takes less than 10 seconds to measure the weight of a pig with this new device.

With the new device, farmers can systematically select and manage fed pigs. It was found during a pilot operation that the appearance rate of higher or first grade rose from 71 to 85 percent.

The device will shorten measurement time and show higher accuracy using artificial intelligence and big data technologies. The developer of this technology aims to enter overseas markets from early 2022 through improving product performance and continuous R&D investment.

Body weight measurement is essential for monitoring pigs’ overall production value and performance. When they are too light or too heavy, marketing pigs can lead to substantial production and economic losses.

While direct weight measurement provides accurate results, it can cause stress on the animals and consume a lot of time. Experienced caretakers can determine the weight of finishing pigs through subjective visual evaluations. But this method lacks accuracy and consistency.

Using commercial digital camera systems is the newest way to estimate a pig’s weight automatically. It is an accurate and reliable alternative for monitoring and determining a pig’s body weight.

These cameras use 3D laser scanning services technology to record videos and images of a pig. These cameras use software to determine weight based on the recorded videos and images.

Farmers can mount these cameras onto the wall or ceiling to monitor the weight of a pig over time. These cameras include a 3D scanning technique that can remotely store and process body weight based on recorded videos and images.

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