3d Laser Scanning Services Give the Porsche Taycan Looks That Match Its Performance

Sports Car Gets Major Interior and Exterior Enhancements

As one of the fastest electric sedans on the market, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S comes with incredible performance and a starting price to match. The $186,350 initial price will now bring a fierce look to match the impressive performance. 

The ability to reach 60 mph from a standstill in under 2.5 seconds requires enhanced aerodynamic designs to keep a safe grip on the tarmac. Enter Brabus, a leader in 3D laser scanning services technology and development. The powertrains of the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S are more than capable, but additional enhancements to the body will only increase the experience.

How 3D Laser Scanning Services Were Used for This Porsche

Using 3D laser scanning services and computer-aided design (CAD) technology, Brabus focused its effort on improving the look, both inside and out of the Taycan models. For the exterior, 3D laser scanning services analyzed testing models to dynamically change and form the aerodynamic carbon fiber structures that keep the tires firmly planted on the tarmac. 

To help with grip up front, flaps made from carbon fiber reduce axle lift at high speed. Besides the grip-enhancing flaps, Brabus also used 3D scanning services to help design more efficient carbon fiber air intakes that help direct air currents around the body at high speeds. 

Toward the back, Brabus continued the use of 3D scanning and worked with composite to create a three-piece spoiler that not only helps to reduce rear-axle lift but also helps with high-speed handling. Finally, to top off the exterior image, carbon fiber rocker panels and wheel arches blend perfectly into the body, giving a sporty and aggressive look. 

Brabus did not stop with the body when using a 3D laser scan to improve the look of the Taycan models. Wrapped in 22-inch tires from Continental, Pirelli, or YOKOHAMA, the “Monoblock Z Platinum Edition rims are a perfect blend of powdered black sections aside from polished spokes that accentuate the bright green brake calipers. 

Inside, the interior look has also been improved to create the perfect cockpit and seating, to harness all 750 horsepower of the Turbo S. Although its range suffers greatly when using the over-boost mode, the miles will be a blur with a top speed of 161 mph. 

The twin motors provide the power but leave much to be desired, with a range of under 190 miles. This is far less than the closest competition, the Tesla S. 

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