3D Laser Scanning Services: Deployment of the First Robot Dog for Surveying Work

Remote Construction Monitoring

The use of robot dogs for surveying work is becoming more common. One company has successfully tested their Trimble X7 laser scanner fitted to a robotic dog. 

The company used the robot to monitor a construction site in Shetland. For the first time in the U.K., a Trimble X7 payload equipped with four-legged 3D laser scanning services equipment collected data and created site records on an entire 55,176m2 building complex. 

That marked Boston Dynamics‘ Spot® robot’s debut deployment for remote construction monitoring. The Boston Dynamics’ Spot® robot has since been enlisted as the newest member of the construction personnel.

The use of the Boston Dynamics’ Spot® robot is part of a commitment to safety and innovation in workplaces. The technology has helped boost safety and efficiency in construction sites. The new technology is currently in trial on small construction projects but will be rolled out across major construction projects.

The Power of 3D Laser Scanning Services

The robot was key to the success of this trial because it could have taken days to carry out a manual survey in remote areas. The robot proved successful even under hazardous conditions. Plus, the operators didn’t have to be present or travel to the site. 

The 5G trial was carried out as part of the Department for Digital, Culture Media, and Sport-funded project. A construction firm partnered with two technology companies to put this new technology to trial. The results were amazing.  They demonstrated the impact that robotic technology could have in the construction industry.

This trial was the first application in the construction industry. Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot demonstrated the potential of robotic technology in the construction industry.

Change is inevitable when a new technology, like 3D scanning services, is introduced into any industry. A solution to the situations encountered when technology enters a new market has to be found. The trial was successful by welcoming feedback and acting upon it. Collaboration between humans and robots has shown how technology can revolutionize the construction industry works.

The Spot robot will benefit industries in many ways, including improved job design and safety. Robotic technology will make companies more aligned with their workers and improve the accuracy and efficiency of workplaces.

The 3D laser scan trial has demonstrated the potential of 5G-powered robotics. This technology will build projects at less cost and in less time without compromising safety or quality. The U.K. Government has been instrumental in the success of this trial project. It donated a whopping 200m to ensure the technology was best used. These 5G-powered robotics will improve people’s lives and boost industries.

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