Scanning the World Using 3D Laser Scanning Services

Community Project is Turning Art into Digital

Community project “Scan the World” is making arts and culture more accessible worldwide by partnering with 3D laser scanning services from Artec 3D. This is accomplished using the Artec Eva handheld scanner to scan artwork worldwide. Scan the World is also working with Google Arts & Culture to get this artwork out there. 

The Use of 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D scanning services are a useful tool for showcasing artifacts that people would otherwise not have easy access to. This works by turning art digital. This allows paintings, sculptures, and pieces of history from museums to be uploaded through 3D laser scanning

This is especially helpful when it comes to people not going out as much because of the pandemic. Even with pandemic restrictions lifted, many people are now used to and have adapted to remote lifestyles. Because of the current way of the world, there is no better time to make something digital and accessible for people worldwide since people are already on their computers. 

The Scan the World project is one of its kind by working on uploading all kinds of art to give all sorts of people access. By partnering with Artec 3D, they get top-of-the-line 3D laser scanning services ability, realistic colors, and details from the Artec Studio 16 Software. Scan the world has only recently begun working with Artec, using their Eva handheld scanner. This has improved the quality and the feasibility of the entire project. The Artec Eva handheld scanner can scan almost any type of object, even those with shiny surfaces. In addition, it has an impressive 3D accuracy of up to 0.1mm and 3D resolution up to 0.2mm. 

By collaborating with Artec, the artwork is not only viewable through 3D laser canning services but also printable. This means the opportunities for these printed 3D images are endless. These 3D images can be used to teach in a class, show a friend who can’t easily access the internet, or explore on your own time if you are curious.

This is a big step forward in technology for the future because it sets the pace for what’s to come with 3D scanning. This could potentially lead to 3D scanning being the norm in the future. Now that 3D printable artifacts are being offered to the world, the door is opened for more technological advancements. 

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