3D Laser Scanning Services Used to Study Old Shipwreck

The Reidi Tee Surprise

Reidi Tee is a new road that is being worked on in Estonia. A construction crew has been digging around to start constructing the new road using and stumbled upon an old shipwreck. It was a wooden ship that later on archeologists determined was from the medieval ages. So they used 3D laser scanning services to create a digital replica and study the shipwreck more. 

Some exciting things were found within the ship that caused massive confusion. Though this ship was from the medieval ages, there was canned tin food from 1972. They believe this shipwreck was moved from where it originally was. 

This ship cannot be uncovered fully, but with the help of 3D laser scanning services, they can digitally recreate the rest of the ship. Most of the road is already constructed, making it entirely impossible to remove the entire ship from the dirt and ruins. Instead, researchers can use this technology to map out and recreate what the ship would look like without causing damage to it. 

Many researchers are opting to use 3D laser scanning services because of the benefits of using the technology. We have used this device for over 60 years, but it has only become well adopted these past few years. New developments of the tool keep coming out, and with it, more discoveries are being made. 

How this technology works

This technology takes rapid pictures of a scene. It takes thousands of photos at a quick pace that captures tiny or microscopic details. It can capture information on an object or the surrounding area of an object. This device can capture things like dimensions, widths, heights, textures, color, and more. Some forms of this technology use lasers to measure the distance the light travels, capturing even more information. 

Do all construction workers use 3D laser scanning?

Not all construction crews use 3D laser scanning services, and not all museums or archaeologists use this device. It has become an essential tool when processing a site and has helped teams uncover many discoveries. 

It allows a team to process sites faster by gathering accurate information. One of the benefits of using this device is that it can be sent in instead of the team, making it safer for the entire team. An entire plan can be created without sending giant teams to analyze an area. 

Researchers can use this in the same way by collecting the information with 3D laser scanning services and then transferring it to a partnering system. From there, they can create 3D models to study in the future and save virtual copies. 

Final thoughts

This technology has provided some of the best ways to collect information, create 3D models, and save the information for future generations. In this case, it is helping us understand what a historic ship may have looked like before becoming abandoned. In addition, it allows them to gather more information that they would not be able to uncover without destroying the road. 

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