3D laser Scanning Services in the age of COVID-19

Covid-19 has Affected the 3D laser Scanning services Industry

Many industries have been devastated by the economic impacts of the COVID-19 lockdowns. The Corona virus as it was called, first emerged early last year with startling speed. In a matter of weeks, it was like a different world. People were not traveling any more, masks were required yet few were available, and business stopped letting people through their doors. as a 3D laser scanning service, we travel a lot and visit customers at their locations, so it had a big impact on us. There were a few months where may jobs were cancelled or postponed. Fortunately, the worst has subsided and things have gotten back to a somewhat normal pace. But some effects from the COVID-19 pandemic still remain and probably will be around for some time. 

Higher Travel Costs

As a 3D laser scanning service company that covers the entire nation, we travel a lot. For a while, traveling was very easy since we began to resume traveling a little before the great masses of people did. Airplanes and airports were largely empty and ticket prices were reasonable. But now that the public at large generally feels it is safe to fly, there is a lot of lost time to make up for and a lot of people are traveling. Ticket prices are very high, which means unfortunately that costs for onsite 3D laser scanning services must increase. Rental car prices are off the charts as well. No longer can you rent a car for $150 for a week, as was typical before. We have seen prices as high as $300 a day. This doesn’t look like a problem that will go away quickly either, since the cause seems to be a shortage of vehicles in the fleets. A problem like this will take time to fix, and who knows, prices may never return completely. 

COVID Testing

Our customers, often large companies, have adopted COVID testing policies that sometimes have strict requirements. This adds some logistical difficulties at times. If three COVID tests are needed prior to starting the job, it is sometimes hard for our field guys to accommodate those requests. Our team members have all had the vaccination of course, but with the new Delta variant, some customers may not feel that it is enough. When short-notice or urgent 3D laser scanning services are needed, this could clash with a COVID testing policy. 

Masks and Temperature Checks

Most of our customers still require the wearing of a face mask while we perform 3D lser scanning services at their facility. This is not hard to accommodate any more, as masks are widely available. They also will often perform temperature checks upon our entry. But there are times when masks make the 3D laser scanning services more difficult, such as when working in a hot environment. Sometimes it is hard enough to stay cool without a mask, so strapping one on only increases the discomfort. But this is a small price to pay for the privilege of providing 3D scanning to our customers. There are some policies that border on the the ridiculous, such as having to wear a mask when alone out in an open field. But we faithfully abide by our customer’s  policies nonetheless when on there property. After all, we are their guests. 


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