Transforming Designs With 3D Laser Scanning Services


Think again if you think augmented reality (AR) is just for entertainment services. Civil engineering is about to become a lot more amusing and a lot more accurate. 3D laser scanning services and AR are merging to create unique experiences that are highly detailed and can be digitally saved. 

Over the next five years, according to David Mitchell, founder, and CEO of construction augmented reality expert XYZ Reality, the technology will alter how plans are perceived and increase productivity. 3D scanning services have entered our world, and multiple companies are adopting this technology for a brighter future. 

What are holograms?

Holograms are three-dimensional virtual representations formed in real-time by the interference of light beams that reflect natural material elements. Holograms retain the original item’s depth, parallax, and other features. 

It can be paired with 3D laser scanning services to replicate a real object in the world but be shown anywhere. This means something real can be scanned from Paris and viewed as a hologram in Seattle, Washington.

Mitchell believes that in five years, most manufacturers and builders will be using holograms, 3D laser scanning services, and other high-tech to use for building new structures. AR will change the way BIM or building information modeling is done. Companies not switching from 2D to 3D will be entirely left behind and risk making more mistakes than those already utilizing 3D laser scanning services. 

It’s time to bring in 3D laser scanning services and AR technology

Businesses who engage early and rethink their design and construction processes to include augmented reality from the beginning gain the most advantages. 

A 3D laser scan picks up incredible detail that would be missed by humans. Then this technology allows a team to access those details multiple times and in a higher definition than paper models. 3D laser scanning services are changing the way businesses can plan buildings, structures, and more. 

By using augmented reality goggles, workers can easily see where issues onsite exist and can be addressed much more quickly. They don’t have to be in the physical location; they can simply view it in great detail, making it easy to avoid mistakes in the future. It is not only convenient, but it’s easy enough for anyone to use. 

The best part of using this technology is that businesses are experiencing less rework on a site. Many workers don’t choose to make mistakes, but they do happen. 

With this technology, flaws are pointed out immediately so further mistakes can be avoided the first time around. 3D laser scanning services and AR are helping with efficiency and assisting a company in producing less waste when they don’t have to rework a site. 

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