3D Laser Scanning Services Used for Soft-Tissue Imaging

Adopted by Doctors Worldwide

3D laser scanning services have emerged in doctors’ offices and continues to be adopted by many doctors worldwide. In September of 2020, a 3D laser scanning device was created for angiography, neurology, soft-tissue imaging, and guidewire navigation. The FDA has now approved it due to all of the amazing benefits for doctors and patients. 

Philips SmartCT is a major step forward in 3D imaging, enhancing confidence in the interventional suite and supporting key elements of the quadruple aim of better patient outcomes, enhanced patient and staff experiences and lower cost of care.” Said Ronald Tabaksblat, Philips’ general manager of image-guided therapy systems.

This new 3D laser scanning device mixed past scanners and CT scanners. A doctor can view everything inside a patient right on their tablet, allowing them to see what a problem is and how they can fix it. A treatment plan that is more accurate and reliable can be created faster with the help of this technology. 

Benefits of doctors using 3D laser scanning services

Believe it or not, this equipment has advanced drastically over the years. It has become so accurate the FDA has plenty of evidence to back up this equipment’s approval. This technology was created in the 1960s, and over the past several years, a lot of hard work has made it better and more precise. There are tons of benefits to consider for doctors specifically. 


One of the best things about 3D laser scanning services is that it has advanced beyond what we thought was ever possible. It is accurate down to the smallest detail; whatever is going on in a patient’s body can be seen and quickly identified. 3D laser scanning could save lives by allowing the doctor to have accurate information on what is going on inside the human body.


This machine is mixed with other older technology, and by updating that, the doctors can use it to get a good look inside the body. It is accurate and precise. Whatever is happening inside, the doctors will be able to see clearly.


Typically it takes a long time to get imaging from inside of someone’s body. It is a tedious task for doctors and tends to be uncomfortable for the patients. There is a faster way to get imaging, and it’s way more comfortable than other ways for the patients.


This equipment is reliable and is straightforward to use. It will capture whatever the problem is as long as it is set up to do so. 


All of the information collected through this equipment can be saved for years, allowing the doctors and hospitals to keep their patients’ imaging for however long they need. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services have entered the medical world, and it is not going away any time soon. The FDA has approved the Phillips scanning machine because of all of the extraordinary benefits. We can’t wait to see what will happen next with this technology.

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