3D Laser Scanning Services During COVID-19

Thousands of women all over the world are diagnosed with breast cancer even during the COVID-19 pandemic. To this date, no one knows how to prevent the disease from spreading, and this can be critical in a space where patients are suffering from cancer. Researchers are studying the airflow in labs to limit the spread of the virus and germs. To understand the airflow, researchers are using 3D laser scanning. This allows them to see potential airflow and courses the germs could spread. 

3D laser scanning services can help researchers create virtual reality or physical models to create a plan that minimizes the spread of germs. This is crucial in a lab that treats patients with cancer. They are at a higher risk of catching this infectious disease, and it could be life-threatening. It is a doctor’s responsibility to help save lives and ensure the safety of their patients. Using the latest technology to test a facility is the best thing they can do. 

With 3D laser scanning services, they found that the lab needed two doors open to help the airflow. On top of that, they found that they needed to push or force more airflow into space. This could help limit someone’s exposure to COVID-19.

3D laser scanning SERVICES ARE helping battle COVID-19

This has been a fast-spreading virus that has ravaged the whole globe. We have spent months in lockdown, some countries going back and forth. It has left us uneasy and fearful, full of anxiety. One of the best ways to prevent the disease from spreading is by wearing facemasks. However, they are uncomfortable. 

3D laser scanning services allow people to create custom plastic guards that can help make the mask more comfortable to wear. On top of that, this technology helps create PPE gear for doctors that can keep them protected and safe. 

How does 3D laser scanning work?

This is one of the best tools to get accurate information without having to touch someone. It works by using lasers to capture cloud points while rapid images are being taken. Later on, this information is sent to a CAD program that can be overlapped and used to create a complete picture.

The information can be used to create customized items for an individual person. It can be 3D printed or sent to someone else who can turn it into virtual reality. It is one of the best ways to get information without being invasive, and it’s just another way to limit the germs being spread.

Doctors all over the world are using this technology to help battle Covid. Many other companies that were going to shut down decided to change gears and help create these items to save lives. 

Final thoughts

Though there is a new vaccine out on the market, we are nowhere near done battling this virus. Using 3D laser scanning, we will be able to receive more information on it and create customized PPE gear. With the help of 3D laser scanning services, laboratories will be updated, and health codes will change to ensure the buildings limit the spread of this virus. 

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