3D Laser Scanning Services Used to Create Sculptures

Public Art Project Underway

Many artists have decided to adopt 3D laser scanning services, especially when it comes to creating sculptures. The latest project to use this technology is by Rubin Eynon, who wants to create a sculpture of Max Boyce built in the center of Glynneath. Max Boyce has been a huge part of the Welsh community and is known for one of his songs, Hymns, and Arias, which is commonly sung at rugby tournaments. The sculpture is already designed, but the artist is waiting for the city’s approval to start putting it in place. 

Many other artists have decided to adopt 3D laser scanning services because of all of the major advantages. It has been used to capture world events and turn them into images that artists want to keep alive forever. This technology has also been used to uncover techniques from historical paintings that we would not understand otherwise. 

Technology is merging with art, and we are excited to see what new artists will be able to do with this equipment. It is becoming more readily available, and there are now many different options to choose from. It is a field that has been growing rapidly, and we see it everywhere now. There are options in the form of a small handheld device, cell phones, tablets, and even full-body scanners. An artist has options, and depending on their budget, they can drastically change what they can purchase. 

What else is being done with 3D laser scanning?

You might be curious about the projects that are being done with 3D laser scanning. If we are honest, many things are happening in this field that is surprising and impressive. Here are some things you can keep an eye out for when reading about 3D laser scanning services and art. 

Virtual galleries – In the past year, one of the best trends we have noticed is that there are now virtual galleries. Suppose an artist cannot make a gallery in person. In that case, they can use a 3D laser scanning device to upload their pieces to a virtual gallery. This means they do not have to ship their pieces anywhere, and everything can be safe and intact. This is a piece of technology that is totally noninvasive but is incredibly accurate, making it perfect for a gallery. It also allows more people to view the gallery from home. 

Studying historical paintings – One thing that has always stumped us when studying history is understanding how a painter could capture such deep paintings and create stunning pieces of art throughout history. With the help of technology, researchers can study a historical painting layer by layer. They can see the blend of colors and where someone may have even gotten the color.

Saving the Black Lives Matter movement – One of the latest movements that happened all over the world unanimously was the Black Lives Matter Movement. Many graphic designers and artists used 3D laser scanning to capture people and their messages. You can see the movement right before your eyes from every single angle. 

Music videos from artists – Many music artists can’t leave their homes like us and don’t want to risk exposing multiple people at one time or traveling. They can use 3D laser scanning to help place them in scenes from around the world without actually having to go out. It is truly incredible. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services are being used by artists worldwide, and are slowly continuing to grow in use. We can’t wait to see who adopts this technology next. 

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