3D Laser Scanning Services Used To Save World Heritage Sites

Artifacts Can Be Scanned And Recreated

Tourists love to check out historical sites, and although this is great for business, it is not always great for preserving and saving these spaces. In some cases, natural disasters occur, which can also destroy or harm these world heritage sites. That is why 3D laser scanning services have become so important and useful in today’s world. We truly don’t know how long some heritage sites will remain, so many researchers have started using 3D laser scanning services to scan everything from Buddhist temples to Notre Dame.

Many irreplaceable artifacts would be destroyed without the help of this cutting-edge technology. This service provides a way for researchers to study artifacts, understand what is missing, and recreate it in many ways. In addition, 3D laser scanning services can be paired with other pieces of technology. For example, it can be connected with 3D printing or computer programs. It means certain artifacts can be replicated to be almost an exact match of the original or turned into virtual reality.

Since these are old historical sites that have been around for a long time, it can be a dangerous job. Luckily, some 3D laser scanning services also provide ways to send the device without sending it in person. They can attach this equipment to a roaming device that will work just as well as if the person were holding the scanner. Multiple non-profits have decided to take the risk and continue using 3D laser scanning services to ensure the future does not erase the past. Every detail is stored online and shared on a database, which means this collected knowledge and data is shared with multiple people.

We have a long list of people, actions, and movements that have helped destroy historical artifacts and places. They have killed people, history, and much more. Adopting 3D laser scanning services is one of the best ways to ensure this information and crucial parts of our history remain for us to learn about no matter what happens in the world.


Typically to make copies or preserve an artifact, they would get placed in a caster mold, which would then turn into the artifact. Unfortunately, even with the most careful hands, this has never been the safest way to create replicas. Even the soft casting mold can be too rough for the item if the object is very fragile and old.

3D laser scanning services provide a solution to that. It can be a way for them to capture precise details without having to touch the object. Instead, all a user has to do is walk around the object collecting information from every side. From this point, the data is sent to a partnering program where someone can go in and edit any missing pieces or add in additional information. It makes 3D laser scanning services one of the safest ways to create replicas.

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