3D Laser Scanning Services: Creating A VR Experience Of A Hidden Cave

cave is 21,000 years old

If you’re in the Fallon, Nevada area, it is time to visit Churchill County Museum to experience a VR or virtual reality version of the Hidden Cave. It’s a cave that is located near the Great Basin, which is near Fallon. Carol Lloyd and One Digital Media Team partnered together to create a virtual reality of this cave with the help of 3D laser scanning services. This technology is one of the best ways to experience a virtual historic site without stepping foot in the place.


This project won a grant for $100,000 and was started in spring 2020 and finally completed in September 2021. This project took a little under a year to complete but was a necessary cave to preserve. It is known to be one of the most sacred places in the area and a historical site that should be preserved. It is a cave filled with the rich history of the local area. However, not all people can go in to explore this cave. That is why using 3D laser scanning services is incredibly helpful. Now more people can ‘enter’ the cave without ever stepping foot inside.


The minute Carol Lloyd heard about the impressive work One Digital Media Team does, she knew she had a partner to help complete this project. They all worked hard to give this project a view on indigenous people and an archeological point of view. This project was done in empathy, showcasing what the cave represents and how sacred it is.


Each person who wears the headset to enter the virtual cave sees it through the eyes of an indigenous person. It helps them walk through and understand what someone may have been feeling when the cave was used. It allows an average person to walk through the cave and understand how it had been used for thousands of years before they ever got to see it.


This type of project helps libraries make connections, grow an audience, partner with others, and allow everyone to understand history better. We will continue to see more libraries, museums, and tech companies partner together to create extraordinary things with the help of 3D laser scanning services.

What iS inside the cave?


Believe it or not, this cave is 21,000 years old, which means that extra care had to be considered when teams started preserving this cave. That is why 3D laser scanning services proved to be one of the most useful. This technology does not harm the cave or destroy any historical marks. 3D laser scanning services help capture every image possible, which helps create a realistic virtual reality.


The researchers believe this cave was never lived in but used as a storage area and used off and on for 4,000 years. Unfortunately, many of the items found were broken into pieces. 3D laser scanning services can help identify what some objects may have been or what they were once used for.

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