Water Treatment Group Adds 3D Laser Scanning Services To Retrofitting

BIO-UV Group Expands Support For Water Treatment Projects

BIO-UV, a France-based group, is strengthening its position in the global ballast water treatment system (BWTS) market by adding 3D laser scanning services. The BIO-SEA engineering and design services respond to clients asking for turnkey retrofitting solutions or to reduce installation time in drydock.

How They’re Using 3D Laser Scanning Services 

The 3D scanning services create a 3D twin allowing the BIO-UV Group to find an optimum site to install its BIO-SEA system. By providing clients with a complete retrofitting package, ship owners can reduce the number of suppliers down to one or two. The addition of 3D scanning services allows for a faster, more streamlined installation. 

By offering 3D laser scanning, the BIO-UV Group can support entire ballast water treatment projects from start to finish. It gives ship owners another option rather than having the work done in drydock. 

3D scanning services are an additional cost, but shipowners can cover the expense by leaving the vessel in service. Freight is still being delivered as the BWTS retrofitting project is underway. GPS data is another service BIO-UV is adding to its portfolio. 

The BIO-UV Group is showcasing its 3D scanning services and other technology at the Europort 2021 Trade Show. They will also be highlighting their multi-reactor lamp specifically designed for higher flow rates. 

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