3D Laser Scanning Services: WCLA Entrusted With The Maintenance of Devout Locations

Funded by the aquaf department and human rights and minorities affairs

The Punjab government on Monday tasked the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) to be answerable for the management of devout locations. The conservations are anticipated to cover the entire Punjab location. 

It was further established that the shrines would be funded by the Aquaf department and human rights and minorities affairs. Consequently, the Hindu temple, six churches, and eight Muslim shrines are anticipated to receive donor funding from WCLA.

It was further established that this project conclusion would be reached by 2023 and that the shrines, temples, and churches would remain under the Aquaf department and human rights and minorities affairs, and WCLA would continue playing its role as an agency. 

Several churches would be considered for maintenance and utmost care. This was according to the direction shared by the spokesperson of the WCLA. In this case, the other sites in question were different pre-determined shrines and temples that the Walled City of Lahore Authority would put out for conservation.

The spokesperson, Tania, reiterated and stressed that international techniques would be applied in conserving these sites, and all efforts were channeled towards completing this project.

Project Status, Including 3D Laser Scanning Services

Najam Said informed the public that the project at the St Francis Assai Sahowala was 60% on the road to its conclusion. 3D laser scanning services have already been ended, chemical treatment finished and sandblasting and roof treatment had been already completed. 

Woodwork and façade treatment was projected to end soon. Najam assured people that all the projects were already ongoing, and the target was completion by 2023. With 3D scanning services, a lot of heights would be realized.

He urged people to be expectant of better facilities and good experiences than before. According to him, the nation’s heritage was the most important thing to be protected against all odds, and they shared a common interest with the prime minister of Pakistan.

He sternly believed that the involvement of WCLA was very thoughtful and that greater heights of heritage protection would be accomplished with them in control. The contemporary generation was advised to protect the present legacy so that the impending generations would find it still intact as the way we found it to promote our culture and promote religious tourism.

He noted that the collective responsibility of taking care of all these sites would create a sense of religious harmony among the citizens.

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