How is 3D Laser Scanning Taking the Construction Sector to a Different Level?

While the construction sector is notorious for sluggish adoption of technology, construction professionals around the globe are challenging themselves to build faster and reliable buildings using 3D laser scanning. And, when done right the scanning proves beneficial to all the stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of their project. The technology continues to gain momentum in the construction sector because it’s helping collect tons of accurate information in a short period. Today, from the design stage to inspection stage, laser scanning is becoming an integral element of engineering, architecture, and construction. From building historic homes to airports to office buildings, the upcoming technology is an ideal solution for every requirement. The benefits of laser technology are not limited just to pre-construction coordination, its spread over the entire lifecycle of the project.

Here are a few benefits of using 3D techniques in the data-intensive construction sector.

3D Laser Scanning: A boom for new constructions

3D laser scanning is easily deployable in new construction projects because the scanners provide accurate data on HVAC installment, pipes, floors, concrete slabs and structural design up to millimeter accuracy. The information gathered from scanning is used to verify whether all the components are installed in the correct places or not. If any mismatch is found, alteration in the design is done during the fabrication process thereby preventing the costly online changes. The scanners come handy to assess the slab flatness and helps in accurately calculating the need for material. This ability reduces wastage and ensures proper utilization of resources. Construction companies are slowly leveraging the usefulness of 3D scanning to cater to the ever-changing customer requirement.

3D Laser Scanning Lends a helping hand to renovation work

For renovating buildings and homes, construction companies usually chalk out a map to carry out the changes. But, the maps are confusing and an outdated way to understand the renovation work. This makes making amendments in the design difficult because one error can result in rework. However, with 3D laser scanners, construction companies can freeze the site at any time in the current form. Using this data, construction companies develop accurate designs and add value to the already existing structure. The technology is enabling the construction companies across the globe save thousands of dollars in rework alone. It is helping businesses meet the project deadline and keeping the stakeholders informed about the latest development in the renovation work.

Determines the data requirement

With 3D laser scanning, companies can quickly align the deliverables as per the customer expectation. The customers can use the technology to showcase their space to the prospective tenants and buyers. Also, the digital model can be used for leasing, marketing, and post-construction considerations. The technology is obviating the need for outside marketing assistance and helping builders and customers to rent out their space effortlessly.

Apart from improving planning and design, 3D laser scanning ensures safety & regulatory compliance, which prevents bottlenecks in the later stages. The technology is a step forward in the world which is more adaptive to technological innovations.

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