How Will Virtual Reality Enhance the Shopping Experience?

Today, virtual reality has drastically altered the landscape of several industries including automotive, consumer durables, education, manufacturing and many others. The technology is enticing every type of generation from teens to Baby Boomers to Gen Z. Today, shopping is a convenient experience for the customers because everything under the sun is available at a finger’s length. Back in the 1990s, when online shopping was introduced customers were required to visualize the product based upon a single picture, but with VR customers can see the product online as if they are purchasing from a brick and mortar store. VR is bringing a massive change and bringing retailers one-step closer to the online and brick-and-mortar shoppers. As shopping is becoming streamlined, retailers are leaving no stone unturned to engage the shoppers. With the umpteen benefits of implementing VR, more companies are likely to shift their focus on VR in the coming years.

virtual reality Takes online shopping to the next level

Even in the 21st century, some customers are still far away from online shopping because of different reasons.  For customers who have managed to overlook online shopping, virtual reality will pique their interest to buy online. VR adds a pinch of excitement, brings in novelty and makes the entire shopping experience seamless. With VR, customers can try on gloves, sweaters, jackets, pants, and caps before hitting the buy button. Believe it or not, customers can even smell the perfume, test drives their favorite car or hear the audio sitting in a remote location. Additionally, VR eliminates the dependency on customer reviews because customers can themselves virtually try the product. For retailers, it comes as a boon because VR brings peace of mind, which otherwise encapsulates the life of retailers.

virtual reality Advocates spatially referenced shopping

The screen-based shopping experience is dominating the physical experience of walking through the shop to make a purchase. For customers who still prefer brick-and-mortar store, VR is a boon in disguise. The human brain retains visual directions more than the direction given by the staff members. VR shopping in future is likely to exploit this brain mechanism to connect with the target audience. Retailers can use VR to ensure faster shopping experience and the technology is likely to bring a paradigm shift in the shopping behavior of the customers. The upcoming technology is ready to change the realm of shopping in the coming years.

VR Increases the demand

With Goldman Sachs predicting that VR and AR in retail will be worth $1.6 billion by 2025, virtual reality is becoming an integral aspect of our lives. Customers are finding VR appealing, and with the gaming industry creating innovative VR games, retailers can use these games to attract the customers. Using VR, retailers can provide unique in-store experience, which otherwise of impossible. The technology will empower the retailers to virtually showcase a fashion show in their store. In the coming years, retailers will find unique and novel ways to bridge the gap between customers and brands.

Virtual reality holds a vital place in the retail sector and holds massive potential for improving customer experience and satisfaction.

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