3D Laser Scanning Technology Used for Perimeter Security Systems


When most of us think of security systems, we think of the wall-mounted cameras that are often seen in movies.  We have seen too many similar situations. There is the security guard sitting in a chair with his arms folded, feet up on the desk, and video monitor in front of him.  He snores away as the thief can be seen scaling the wall of the compound. Of course the movie needs some action, so he is awaken by a noise, jumps out of his chair, and just as he rushes out to see what is up, he gets bonked on the head the head by the thief.  That may work well for the movies, but that’s not the security system that really gets the job done.  There are better ways. 3D laser scanning services can provide better perimeter security, so won’t need that guy who sleeps on the job.

senstar, global launch laser-based security

It is always good to be ready for the intruder that wants to climb over the wall, break the lock on your windows, and crawl in to take all of your stuff. Sure, you can have your gun tucked away so that you can meet him with a gun up his nose when you catch him rummaging through your belongings, but really wants to let things go that far? That is why it is better to have a good security system set up so that you can catch intruders before they even get in.  3D laser scanning systems, like Senstar and Global Link, have combined 3D laser scanning services technology with a concern for your safety to make a better and more reliable security systems for your family’s safety at night. This will give you peace of mind when you go to bed. 

many advantages

Laser-based perimeter security systems are the best choice for security, as they have a definite advantage over camera-monitored and radio-wave security systems.  The laser-based security system works better than other systems, especially outside where the conditions can be unfavorable.  Where other systems may have difficulty in rain, snow, and glare from sunlight, laser scanning perimeter security systems have ways to distinguish between the elements and intruders by using a multi-echo technology.  These systems also have other advantages.  They are lightweight and portable.  Most other systems are too bulky and hard to take on an airplane.  If that isn’t enough, laser systems are much less detectable than the more commonly used security systems.  This is an advantage when intruders would want to tamper with the device.                        

 If you need to get a security system for your home, you would do well to consider a laser scanning security system. When most people hear the word laser, they think “eye damage”,but that need not be a worry.  Security systems using laser technology are rated very low risk. In fact, the rating for security system lasers generally are at the lowest level on a safety scale. So don’t think too long and hard about it. Just get one!  Having the peace of mind that comes with it will be worth the money.

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