The ABCs of 3D Scanning

3d laser scanning creates better graphics

Did you learn your ABC’s? How about the ABC’s of 3D scanning services?  I didn’t think so. Well, let me take some time to introduce to you the basics of 3D laser scanning.  Before this blog is over, you should know a tad bit about the “who”, the “what”, the “where”, the “when”, the “why”, and the “how” of 3D scanning services.

who can perform 3D scanning?

First of all, who can do 3D scanning?  The answer is simple. Everybody. Although most 3D laser scanners are technicians and engineers who are professional and do it for a living. That doesn’t mean that the average guy like you and me can’t. We can buy one and do some scanning, too. That lead to the “what” question. What is 3D laser scanning?  Well that is kind of self-explanatory.  The name says is all. 3D laser scanning is using a laser and sensors to scan objects to reconstruct it into a 3D digital model. Or to put it another way, basically, it’s measuring distances between the scanner sensors and the surface of what ever object you are trying to scan. The points measured from these scans are recorded and combined together to form a point cloud, which can then be made into a 3D virtual image. 

where does scanning happen?

The “where” question is going to be answered by what kind of scanner you are using.  Some scanners are more mobile than others.  Some scanners need to be mounted and calibrated on a table, some can fly around in the sky, and some fit in your hand.  Now that you are nearly an expert on the ABC’s, I am sure you would want to know “when” people scan.  Well, I suppose most people sleep at night.  Definitely not on the day of your sister’s wedding.  If you get thrown in jail, you probably will find it impossible.  Factor out restroom breaks and donut runs. Other than that, I suppose, it would be whenever a person wanted. 

why 3d laser scan anything?

The best question to ask, of course, is “why?” Why do people use 3D laser scanning.? That is probably the best question.  People use 3D laser scanning services for many reasons.  It may be for industries like auto manufacturing aerospace, refineries, petroleum, chemical plants, power plants. You can use 3D laser scanning to reproducing, modify, design, or repair an object. Or maybe you can throw a scanning party to prove to your friends, once and for all, what they already know, that you really are a geek.  And finally, “how”? Well, we will leave that topic for another day when I think you are ready, and I feel bored enough.

it's easy as 1-2-3!

So those are a few rough basics about 3D scanning.  If you want to know more, of course, you’ll have to ask someone who knows more, because I’m only one grade ahead of you. I suggest you do some looking around on the web for some more information.  Who knows, maybe you will find it interesting and go out and buy a scanner for yourself. If you don’t find time to learn for yourself, you can always hire a professional to do your 3D scanning project. 

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