3D laser Scanning Used For Kayaking Team

3D laser scanning services puts up a good fight

There is something in us that just loves to see the best of the best. That’s maybe the reason why competition is so enjoyable. We compete with one another and talk trash when we play against another.  It’s not because we love to see others fail, but that we love the feeling of the heat of competition. That’s why we hate it when people don’t try. Nobody like to play against someone who lays on his back and takes the loss. In such cases we get mad or just stop playing. Competition drives us, and that is why the Olympics is so popular.  That is where people go who train all of their lives for a chance to beat the best of the best. We, the audience, enjoy just watching. It is for this reason that the competition is so tough, and it just keeps building. The better a team becomes, the better others have to be to win. They have to use every technique that they can to gain an advantage. That is why Olympic teams are using technology used in 3D laser scanning services to help their team gain the winning edge.

3D laser scanning combined with muscle


One country that is employing the tools of 3D laser scanning services is the Australian kayak team. A lot of people who don’t have experience in serious competition often think that olympic competition is purely about physical skill. I suppose that is true when it comes to sports like swimming and diving. I mean there really isn’t much equipment to deal with. But for other competitions like bob-sledding and car racing, the design of the equipment is essential. The same goes for Kayaking. Physical skill and equipment designs have to be refined for those events.  

Its all about using 3D laser scanning on the seat

One of the key components kayaking is the seat inside the kayak. How well a kayaker maneuvers that kayak depends a lot on how well they are seated and secured inside the kayak. A better fit can mean a stronger edge over the competitors. This is especially true when going upstream and when going through rough waters. So in order to design the fitout for these kayakers, they choose to use 3D laser scanning services to find the exact shape of the athletes body when seated in the kayak. 3D laser scanning services can do the job right the first time instead of trying to cut out foam and fit the foam to the athletes body shape through guess work.  This save a lot of time and produces a more customized seat for the athlete. The engineers used what is called a REVscan handheld 3D scanner to complete this task. This scanner works well for capturing body shaped, and it does it with high accuracy. They can create the fitout once they have this in digital format.

3D laser scanning services is allowing athletes to personalize their equipment. It makes it easier for them to perform to the best of their ability.  This means that the competition is just going get more intense. That also means that the competition is just going to be that much more enjoyable to watch.

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