3D Scanning Art Teacher

A second chance to love art with 3D scanning services

Art class was one on my favorite classes in middle and high school.  It wasn’t because I was good at it. The real reason why I liked it was because I didn’t really care about it and I could goof off till lunch. You know what I’m talking about, one of those students. I suppose things could have been different if I had put a little effort into liking it. Maybe the problem was partly that the teachers didn’t really try hard to making interesting for us. Maybe I just needed a bit better instruction on how to do things. What I especially found boring were activities like pottery and sculpting. I had no idea what I was doing. The final product was always a sad warped and saggy something doomed to end up on the shooting range. Fortunately, there is yet hope. All of us art class flunkies have a chance to try again. This time the teacher is not a person, but your own computer. You can bring the clay modeling art teacher to your home computer using 3D scanning services.

A home 3D scanning art teacher

The name of the device is called a Chizzle. It is changing the way we think of art instruction. It takes all the advantages of 3D scanning services and combines it with the hands-on do-it-yourself art of clay modeling. The way it works is pretty simple. It includes a special tray with a built-in cameras that can scan your masterpiece. That tray with the cameras takes your hunk of clay and converts it into digital image. A you need to do do is connect that device up to your computer. Once you install a special software you are ready to go. On your own computer screen you can view a 3D model of your piece of clay. At this point you are thinking “What is so special about that? I don’t need a 3D model to see what I’m doing.” You’re right! You don’t, but that’s not the main purpose of giving you a 3D digital image of your masterpiece. This is where the teaching comes in. The program helps you along the way. Before you even begin to mold your piece of clay you can select an object that you want to recreate. As you mold your clay, you can compare yours shape with the target. That’s not all.The program also teaches you techniques according to your level. The levels go from very beginner up to advanced.

3D Scanning lets you be creative

3D scanning services all by itself is void of any creativity. In fact that is why many people use it, because it copies things so accurately. That doesn’t mean, though, that it can’t help you become creative. There are a lot of creative ways to use it. When we think of clay molding, we often just think of the usual boring art high school projects like a pencil holder, flower pot, or some other useless thing. Why not do something more interesting like molding your own chess pieces, or make a 3D model of your own car. The best thing about it is that you are not just left up to your own skills, but you have a teacher to guide you.

For just a little under $100 bucks, you can get a private art tutor that uses 3D scanning services to improve your skills. I’m guess if I had this in high school I would have learned to love art a bit more.

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