3D Scanning Chrysalis with X-Ray

Seeing the Unseen with 3D scanning services

When I was a young kid I remember there was a dime store near our house that sold all kinds of stuff that I don’t see anymore.  It had survival knives, big league chew, single LPs, and lots of penny candies. It also had a glass case with some very interesting toys. One of those toys was a peculiar pair of X-Ray glasses. On the package it showed a man wearing those glasses looking at his hand. Through the lenses it showed how he could see right to the bone. At the time I was at the age where I could have almost believed it possible. It’s no mystery to grown-ups that x-ray vision like that is not possible. At least with a pair of glasses it isn’t, but with machines it is. Today we can peer into the unseen world to reveal it’s mysteries using technology used by 3D scanning services.

3D scanning services reveals a mystery

One of the coolest things that 3D scanning services can do is allow us to see the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. That, to me and most others, is a wonder of God’s creation (and still is). The fact that a worm-like creature can go into hiding and sprout wings and fly away is amazing to me. Now what scientists have done is used 3D x-ray scanning technology to watch the complete process of a caterpillar going into Chrysalis and coming out of it. When I say the complete process, I don’t just mean the outward view, but inside too. Using a high-resolution x-ray (CT) scan scientists are able to capture every stage of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Giving new insights with 3D scanning

By doing these 3D scans using 3D x-ray scanning technology, scientists have been able to observe some very interesting things. Growing up, we have always heard that caterpillars will turn into a soupy substance, but now they know that it is not true. In the Chrysalis there are some organ that remain. Some part of the caterpillar like the muscles, for example, do dissolve and then get reused. 3D scanning really has given scientists new insight into the whole process. In the past, to open an insect would mean instant death for it. You could say that 3D scanning has really revolutionized the way we can now study nature.

With 3D scanning services, scientists can observe all they want without killing it. The amazing world of nature has been truly opened up for us. It is also leading scientists to discover mysteries regarding other insects, like a blowflie’s pupae. There are so many more things that we have not observed in the insect world that I am now sure we can start discovering. This is all because we put those innovative ideas to work. So the next time I go to the dime store and see those x-ray glasses, I won’t be quite as amazed. I will remember how 3D scanning services is able peer into the unknown just like glasses make us think we can.

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