Is 3D Printed Skin and Makeup the New Face of Cosmetic Industry?

For all the beauty junkies and ladies obsessed with good looks, today 3D printing can print skin and makeup products in any color. And, with skin being the body’s biggest organ, cosmetic companies are leaving no stone unturned to reach the target audience. Companies like L’Oreal are printing 3D human skin to test their cosmetics and reduce the cost associated with the cosmetic testing process. Adoption of the 3D  technology is likely to accelerate the time a product takes to reach the market. Currently, L’Oreal prints nine varieties of skin types to cater cosmetics to the customer base. The printers use the cellular components of the skin such as human fibroblasts, human plasma, and keratinocytes to 3D print the skin. It works in the same way as an ink and cartridge work together to imprint designs on paper; the human components are mixed in a way that it results in human skin.

3D printed human skin – the next big revolution

Artificially produced skin is forming the building blocks for the cosmetic sector because it’s empowering the companies to test a different product without animal or human intervention. Experiments and pilot projects make use of 3D printing and are changing the landscape of cosmetic manufacturing because companies no longer need to risk allergic reactions and skin infection with products on the humans. And, for animal lovers, the technology is a boon because it would advocate the end of animal testing.

Furthermore, the 3D technology has leaped in the right direction by growing new hair using stem cells and printed using a 3D printer. This is eliminating hair loss and boosting the confidence of customers who otherwise would choose hair transplant to avoid embarrassment. Though the use of 3D printers in the cosmetic industry is at a very nascent stage, the future is bright.

3D printed makeup – a boon for fashion junkies

Believe it or not, the printers can apply foundation makeup directly on the skin, thereby helping women who find it challenging to apply makeup on the go. Usually, the machine works both as a scanner and printers because it first scans the face using a lens and then reads the skin tone and contours. The printers get to work and apply three layers of makeup namely primer, foundation and color makeup. And, the entire process is completed in just 30 seconds. Crazy right? The technology is successful creating a different experience and is helping fashion junkies fulfill their dream of trying different makeups for different occasions.

3D printing is making makeup products more accessible to the masses. The technology is slowly gaining traction and is being accepted in a commercial setting. The printers empower the manufacturers to provide the custom-made product at a low cost, which bridges the gap between customer desire and the products.  Using 3D printers the cosmetic industry is successfully providing a satisfactory service and creating an awe-inspiring experience.

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