3D Printing – The Best Designers of Jewelry

Jewelry designing, an age-old craft is slowly turning its wheel and aligning itself with the technology of 3D printing. Even though the fashion industry has been a laggard in the adoption of this disruptive technology, the industry is whole-heartedly welcoming 3D printed engagement rings, pendant sets, necklace or any other piece of jewelry. Today, shoppers can fathom any design, customize their design and get the delivery of the products within a couple of days. The technology is improving jewel conception, production processes and revolutionizing the entire fashion industry. It’s making dreams come true for budding designers who are looking to make an impact with their mind-blowing designs.

According to research, the market for 3D printed jewelry is likely to reach $11 billion.

The jewelry industry is using the 3D printers for the following reasons.

Prototyping the designs

With 3D printing, designers can create pieces that are impossible to manufacture by hand. The jewelry joints are stronger because it created the jewelry from a single piece of metal instead of soldering two or more pieces. Also, designers are using the technology to produce multiple interpretations of a hand-made complex design. Rapid prototyping is not only transforming the entire design process, but enabling manufacturers to print 3D files of the design in plastics and discuss with the target group without wasting money on the precious metal. 3D printers are a boon to jewelry designing because it saves a plethora of time. No longer craftsman has to spend 3 days working on a single design only to get rejected by the customer. Manufacturers can show a plastic prototype and after confirmation, send the design for production.

3d printing Customizable design

Many jewelry manufacturers are empowering the customers to make their jewelry in real-time. A customer can create a unique piece, decide the type of metal (gold, emerald, ruby, diamond, etc.). From the billions of permutation, the customer can customize their necklace or ring. 3D printed designs are leaving the awed by the marvel of the modern technology. Whether it’s a wedding function or a baby shower, the customer can create their jewelry according to their taste at an affordable cost.

3d printing: Digitally control, precise and exquisite

Every ornament whether made from diamond or gold has a specific thickness. And, in the traditional handcrafted models, the craftsman uses calipers to ensure uniform thickness in the jewelry. But, achieving 100% accuracy manually is impossible. However, with 3D printers, uniformity in thickness is maintained throughout the design ensuring an exquisite design. It allows multiple designs in a single print ensuring competitive pricing for low production volumes.

Like many industries, 3D printing is jewelry is catching up in spurts and starts. It’s still a technology for companies who believe in becoming the trendsetter. The technology is the future growth of the personal accessories and jewelry industry. Undoubtedly, the technology is fueled by unusual and ingenious design methods which are bringing a sea change in the way jewelry was earlier designed. It’s the future, and it’s here to say for a long time.

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