How is 3D Printing Changing the Face of Sports in the World?

There is no secret that games like soccer and cricket are dangerous. But, 3D printing services can make life easier for the sportsman. Using the technology, companies are coming up with 3D basketball shoes, which boosts the performance of the players. Furthermore, Formula One teams are taking help of 3D manufacturers to prototype new designs and test parts, which improves the efficiency of the racer. The technology is allowing companies to win a medal and produce functional components at a lower cost. In 2015, due to the additive manufacturing, a number of cycling records were broken because a cyclist used a 3D printed handlebars on his bike. The bars were extensively tested and were tailor-made for the cyclist, which gave the cyclist maximum comfort on the bike. The technology is a boon for athletes and players looking to improve their performance without shelling out extra dollars from their pocket.

Here are a few reasons how additive manufacturing is hitting the bull’s eye in the sports industry.

3d printing Enhances performance

Today, shoe designers like Nike, Adidas are using 3D printing to lay down colorful designs and create cleats (protrusions on the sole, which provides traction on slippery and soft surfaces). The shoes created are unique and colorful, and the 3D printed shoes are lighter in weight, which improves the performance of the athletes. Though such shoes are expensive than the traditional shoes, they are gaining popularity among the athletes despite the cost. Such shoes allow the players to get up and down the field faster and carry out more complicated tasks on the ground. Furthermore, athletes enjoy these cleats shoes because it provides a perfect balance between the responsiveness of the plates and sole of the boots.

3d printing Helps win olympic medals

In 2008, Olympics when 3D printing was in the baby stage, companies were producing equipment for swimmers. The equipment included goggles and other swimming gears. According to a research, 98% of the swimming medals that year were won by swimmers who wore the 3D products. The custom and tailor-made equipment are helping the athletes realize their dreams and make their country proud. In the sports industry, the technology is likely to become mainstream sooner or later.

Prosthetics for the disabled

In the sports industry, 3D printers are widely being used to create prosthetics for the disabled. It is allowing the disabled athletes to play sports and win medals at the Paralympic games. Bodies of these athletes are scanned to create perfectly fitting equipment based on the nature of their handicap. In 2016 Paralympic sports ultralight wheelchairs and prostheses were used to boost the performance of the athletes.

The future of 3D printing is bright when it comes to the sports industry. Even though 3D printing is in the early stages, the price of using the technology in the sports industry is likely to reduce in the coming years. Shortly, the additive manufacturing is expected to help professional sprinter winning gold or people looking to wear shoes to stay fit.

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