3D Printing Living Up to the expectation in the Healthcare Sector

As the cost of healthcare continues to skyrocket around the world, 3D printing is offering direly needed relief. It’s allowing the manufacturers to produce customized products at an affordable rate. The capability of the surgeon to perform surgery on the 3D model before the actual patient reaches the operation theatre is reducing the cost and time of operation. It has also led to the increase in the success rate of complex surgical procedures. The technology is dramatically changing the healthcare industry and making healthcare affordable for the needy.

Here are a few ways how the technology is living up to the expectation.

1) Produces innovative medical devices

Today manufacturers around the world are improving the lead time and reducing the cost with the help of 3D printing. Multiple surgical tools and medical devices can easily be produced in a day as compared to 10-15 days. Using the traditional methods, the time of creating innovative medical devices may span more than a month, if the tooling process is outsourced. But, additive manufacturing eliminates these bottlenecks and helps in producing medical equipment within a short duration. The faster production time helps in simplifying the pre-surgical planning and customers enjoy a benefit of reduced cost and time. According to research, customers can save up to 60%, if the devices are 3D printed. Without a doubt, the technology is helping the customers avail the best medical facilities at an affordable cost.

2) Creates personalized prosthetics

Contrary to professional and traditional prosthetics which are produced in mass, 3D printing allows for customized prosthetics based on the need of the individual. The technology digitally captures the measurement of the customer and helps in building a customized suit or hand to fit the customer. It works like a tailor who stitches tailor-made clothes for every customer. The growing popularity of the technology is enabling manufacturers to build conformal braces, support for disabled and suits for paralyzed people. The technology has successfully recreated different body parts including blood vessels. This invention speaks a lot about the untapped potential of the technology and where it can take the healthcare industry in the coming years. 

3) Creates smarter drugs

The technology is empowering drug manufacturing companies with an extraordinary level of precision. Due to this reason, companies are successful in designing drugs with different release time. This provides a solution to people who are suffering from more than one ailment and have to take many pills to stay healthy. The smarter design of the medicines releases different compounds within a specified time interval, which is a boon for patients.

Today, 3D printing is strengthening the treatment of patients and is helping shape the future of surgical training. In the distant future, the prices of medical equipment are likely to witness a sharp cut in cost, if the competition increases due dependency on 3D printers. The technology is a giving doctors insight that cannot be replicated by any other medical diagnostics.

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