4 Predictions of Augmented Reality for the Future

Even today, businesses are apprehensive about using augmented reality because virtual reality is over-hyped. Today, AR is probably the fastest way to bring the tradition of computation to the world and connect the real world with our imagination. AR is not limited just to games, it has leaped forward and is positively impacting many industries across the globe. From real estate to education, from engineering to healthcare, by 2025 all the sectors are likely to benefit from the AR. Users can take an interactive walk-through of the property just by sitting at their home. It gives the customers a chance to see the finished property even before the project is completed.  In the coming years, the industry is likely to boom and create ripples like never before.

Here are four predictions of Augmented reality for the future:

1) Games will permeate the workplace

Do you recall Pokemon Go? It is something which triggered the inception of augmented reality in the first place. AR is now becoming mainstream and is likely to permeate the workplace. The action-driven workplace will help make the workplace more interesting and create a fun-filled environment. It will help the companies motivate the employees, boost their morale by linking rewards with gifts. Using the interactive AR, training the employees in the workplace becomes a cakewalk. No longer will employees have to search for potential leaks in the boiler. Using the interactive AR app, they can locate the leak before the issue becomes a problem.

2) Safer working environment

Today, consumer goods form the foundation of a country’s GDP and the economy. And, with AR factories, plants and assembly lines are made safer and more productive. For example, smart helmets can alert the workers beforehand of an unprecedented incident, which is likely to occur. Using the helmet, the worker can collect environmental data to spot areas where a catastrophe is most likely to take place. The technology is helping reduce errors and eliminate the system downtime, which has come as a boon for the manufacturing sector.

3) Enhanced advertising

As more and more customers start to consume AR information, advertisers are the one who will benefit mainly from the technology. Advertisers can track real-time customer location and send relevant information to the target audience. Imagine, a customer purchasing a garment using the AR glasses sees another special offer on the headset related to the product. It will not only enhance the shopping experience but will also provide the customers with the best possible products available in the market.

4) Help the ecommerce industry

In the coming years, using augmented reality customers can visualize and experiment items they’re planning to buy. It will help in merging the experience of a brick-and-mortar store with the convenience of online shopping. According to a research, customers prefer AR experiences, and it’s an excellent tool for telling customers which product fits them the most without stepping a foot in the offline store.

Augmented reality is the future of technology and will revolutionize every industry in the coming years.

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