3D Printing Makes Robot To Mow Your Yard

Rehabilitate Robots for Real Work

Have you ever seen Robot Wars? You know that TV show where engineers create robots for the simple purpose of destroying each other? They set them in a cage and let them at it.  Some of them look like mad table saws. Others look like paranoid pancake flippers. Some of them buzz around like a freaked-out flame thrower. They cut, flip, and blast fire until they are the last machine moving. Imagine, though, that one day we decided to take one of those robots and send it to rehab. Once it has changed its ways we put it to some real work.  We teach it how to cut grass. Actually 3D scanning services and 3D printing services are doing just that by making a bad boy bot into a goody-two screws robot that does its daily chores. Or to be more specific, it is a robot that knows how to mow your grass.

Robots to Do your Chores

One cool lawn mower invention out there is one that is going to make some teenagers smile all because of 3D scanning services and 3D printing services. Teenagers love to do anything but things on the chores list. I know because I was one. Mom used to make a list of things that we had to do before we could go to a friend’s houses or watch TV. Every week that list included at least one of these; clean your room; sweep the garage, wash the car, and of course, mow the lawn. Mowing the lawn was the worst.  No teenager loved to do that. Maybe if we had dad riding mower back then we would have enjoyed it, but we didn’t. We had to push that heavy thing back and forth. Not fun. But now, using3D scanning services and 3D printing services, a lawn mower has been invented that can be controlled by a Playstation controller. Yeah, baby! I know what i want for Christmas. Chores turned into a video game. That changes everything.

What a Great Idea for 3D Printing

The name is a 3D Printed Lawnmower Bot, and what an awesome idea is. Talk about turning a lemon into lemonade with cherries. This turns Saturday morning chores straight into video game time. Gimme the list, mom. The design was made using 3D scanning services and 3D printing services. The main chassis is 3D printed and it holds a solar powered battery to constant recharge. Of course, it comes with an extra battery in case the sun doesn’t shine when it is time to charge. To make it even more useful, it includes an infrared sensor, and ultrasound to detect perimeters and where the grass has already been cut. You know that this means don’t you? It means that those moments when you are mowing and sipping on your Slurppee and all of the sudden you need to use the restroom won’t have to slow you down. An auto-pilot switch allows the mower to do just that, it pilots itself. So you can use the bathroom and it keeps mowing.  

It makes me wonder what other great inventions are waiting to be discovered by 3D scanning services and 3D printing services. Let’s see what we can do about cleaning up that room.

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