Find Your Keys With 3D laser Scanning

Lots of ways to lose your keys

Imagine a situation where a family member calls you up with an emergency They say that they are at the grocery store and the keys are locked in the car. Imagine not being able to get into your locked suitcase. Somehow after returning from your last vacation you cannot find the key. Imagine having two sets of keys to the front door and needing to make a copy for some guests to come over. Maybe you lock your bike and then lose the key. What about if you ask your neighbor to feed your dogs while you are gone. Unfortunately you forget to leave them a key. In all of these circumstances, it would be nice if you could just get a spare key quick. Thanks to 3D laser scanning services and 3D printing services and a mobile app called KeyMe you could have those keys in a zip. Any of your key can be printed out once they are copied into the database through a kiosk . All you need is the app, some keys, and a kiosk.

Make me my keys

KeyMe is one of those apps that you need but it would be better if you didn’t end up using. Kind of like car insurance, you need to have, but hope you won’t actually need to use it. KeyMe will store all of your keys on file. The moment you need a copy of one you can go to the closest kiosk and get a new one. That’s pretty convenient. This is taking a common problem that has been happening ever since the invention of the key and solving it with technology of the digital age. All those keys will be stored in a digital database. Get the app and you can even send copies of your keys to your fiends. If a key is ever lost, KeyMe will print it out for you where ever they have a kiosk.

Some aren't Pleased with the Keys

This services is a fantastic innovative way to use 3D laser scanning services and 3D printing services. It can reduce the amount of time I take to rip apart my couch when I can’t find my keys. There are some, though, who are not seeing it as all that fantastic. Some people worry that the key database could be hacked and everyone’s locks would be compromised. Although it seems to be a bit of an unnecessary fear, I suppose such thing could happen. There are also those who say it is not all that useful in a pinch. Imagine if you lock yourself out of your car with the engine running. How are you going to get to the kiosk without a car. I suppose you could walk. You car is going to be out of gas by the time you get back.  You’re still stuck.

All in all, the KeyMe app is a good way to keep an extra key set “on hand”. 3D laser scanning services and 3D printing services had make that possible in a digital sense. Someday we won’t need keys to open doors. That day has not arrived yes. Since we still use then, we still use them.

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