Aerospace Fixture Scanning

From our time here in California, we have found a demand for 3d scanning services in all areas of industry. One industry that keeps coming back more and more is aerospace. The manufacturing of aerospace parts requires an incredible amount of accuracy. We recently were contracted by a local aerospace manufacturer (whose name we can’t mention) that is leader in aviation and high-integrity solutions for commercial and military customers around the world. They needed us to scan a part fixture used in the manufacturing process for one of their commercial aviation parts. The fixture in question had been used for years and was the only one they had. With no previous drawings or measurements available, our 3d scanning services could capture the entire fixture digitally so that another one could be made.

3D Scanning is the Solution

Equipped with our Faro Quantum Arm, we did a complete scan of the fixture while it was fully intact. Once the scanning was completed, the fixture was completely disassembled. Each part needed to be scanned individually in order to document the surfaces completely (16 individual parts total). Scanning these parts with our Faro arm was gave a thorough and accurate scan. With the entire fixture completely scanned, we were able to get the fixture back to the customer shop floor quickly so as to avoid any production delays. The customer can now 1) detect any imperfections that are in the fixture; 2) correct those imperfections (if any); & 3) use the data we gave them to produce more fixtures on their shop floor with a sufficient degree of accuracy.For more information regarding our 3D scanning, printing and reverse engineering services for your current or upcoming projects, click here. For any and all of your 3D scanning needs, Arrival 3D has you covered.
CAD model