3D scanning meets cave exploration

visit a cave through virtual reality

Cave exploring can be fun if you like the dank musty smell, and don’t mind feeling a little claustrophobic at times. Touring a can be fun it you have a good tour guide, too. They can explain all of the reasons why the rock walls look like they do. They can also point out different rock formations and have you guess what shape it is. I’ll never forget when I went on a cave tour in Asia. At first I couldn’t see anything. It was just a rock. After he pointed out some of the specific features of the rock, I saw it. In fact, after I was able to see the shape, I could not un-see it. Any ways, cave exploring is fun, and now you may not even have to go down in a cave. Because of 3D scanning services, you can take a virtual tour through a cave at home.   

3D helps companies promote cave tourism

One particular cave that is located in Liguria, Italy got a visit from 3D scanning services. The name of the cave is called Pollera. The 3D scanning services team came in to get some good footage so that so that a 3D virtual cave model could be made. This was one way that they would be a able to advertise the caves for tourism purposes. A picture is worth a thousand words. The same goes with a 3D scan. Trying to describe a cave to get tourists to come visit is much less tantalizing as a 3D virtual image. I personally would not go if all there was is a sign that said pay money to crawl into a cave. A bunch of cool pictures, though, might get me to go check it out. 

A challenging scanning environment

3D scanning services is a great tool for capturing a 3D model of room or cave. That doesn’t mean that the job was easy, though. The environment of a cave is not all that welcoming for a 3D scanning crew to come in and capture it all. They say 90% of the challenge is getting the equipment in and out of the cave. In order to get a cave scanned under difficult conditions, the 3d scanning company must take multiple scans using tripods designed for rough, uneven or soft terrain. After that, they take all of those individual scans back above ground and stitch them together using a software process called “registration”. The efforts to get the job done may have been a chore, but to them it was apparently worth the effort. Such a technology used for 3D scanning services does not just have to be for entertainment and advertising. It is also a great tool for mining companies who need to strategize their digging and check for safety concerns. A lot of lives have been lost because the walls of caves were about ready to collapse when people went down in there. 3D scanning services can help prevent some of those tragedies.     

3D scanning services seems to be quite a useful tool for exploring underground. Speaking of exploring, I wonder what other things may be accomplished using 3D scanning services.

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