3D scanning services for purposes of large format 3d printing, the ultimate combination

Combine 3D technology services for amazing creations

Here is the situation. You want to create something. It could be something that didn’t exist before, something totally new. You can sculpt it in clay, glue together a bunch of store-bought parts, or cobble together a prototype by any means possible. That’s great if you only need the one. But what if you want to make more? That is where 3d scanning services and 3D printing services come into the picture. Or perhaps your part is best created with the aid of a machining process such as injection molding or some other process. In this case you are most likely going to need a 3D model file. That is where 3d scanning services comes in. The great thing is that there is a range of different 3d scanning services available, depending on the nature of your part. Very large objects can be captured using 3d laser scanning services, or lidar services. Very small parts, or parts that need their interior scanned,  can be captured using industrial CT scanning services. There are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to 3D scanning services, which is to your advantage because it is usually easier to copy another part is often a lot easier than starting over and create a 3D drawing from scratch. 

Whether it be 3d laser scanning or other type of scanning, it all comes down to creating a usable file with which you can procure services such as large format 3d printing. The devices vary greatly in the way they function. Long range 3D laser scanning devices sit atop a tripod and look like 3d survey devices, whereas industrial ct scanning machines look more like machine tools with a large enclosure and a control panel. Then there are the hand-hald 3d scanning devices that look a bit like an old telephone handset. But what they all have in common is that they all send out and receive in light signals that they interpret to help build the 3d scan data which eventually becomes your usable file. 


When creating something, we start a 3d file. There are many means of obtaining that file, but in the end you are going to need a simple 3D model of your part. Even if the end goal is to create a purely conceptual drawing, and you are not doing an 3d printing services or large format 3d printing, you are going to want to walk away with something, even if it is merely a PDF drawing of your part. But all 3D scanning services, industrial ct scanning and 3d laser scanning projects share that one goal – obtaining a usable file. And there is always a physical object that is the subject of the 3d scanning services. The object could be a building that is to be constructed or a small toy that is created using 3d printing services. It could also be a 32-ft simulated dummy missile for the military. There is really no end to the variations of things that people dream up and create using 3d scanning services and 3d printing services.  


Once the file is obtained, large format 3d printing can be considered as a viable option for creating very large objects out of plastic. It is not every day that someone is going to want to print a thousand pounds of ABS plastic, but just knowing that large format 3d printing services are available may inspire your thinking and spur creativity. 


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