the naked truth about your body

3D scanning services in your bathroom that reveals the truth

You made it through Halloween. Then comes Thanksgiving. Then Christmas. Then New Year’s eve. Then your sister-in-law’s birthday party. Its a never ending volley of belly busting food events. You know that food is going straight to that spare tire… or is it? The bathroom scale is a trusty tool, but it is only one dimensions of measurement. What if you could measure exactly where those tasty food deposits went? That’s where the Naked 3D scanner comes in. It is like have a 3d scanning services company in your own home. Of course, a full 3d scanning services company like Arrival 3D can scan much more than a human body, but that’s for a different discussion. 

Now, this type of private DIY 3d scanning services are probably best done in the nude to get the most accurate results. It is not a 3d laser scanner, but works using your mobile phone, a rotating base and mirror to revolve your body and capture images that it processes into a 3D model. So you can perform 3d scanning services on yourself as often as you like, all for the low price of under $1,500 (as of this writing). The naked software tracks various measurements on your entire body, not just your waist. There is no such thing as TMI when it comes to your own body, so knowing where Aunt Sally’s oyster stuffing ended up may really be quite interesting.

Of course, you can pay a high-end 3d scanning services company to get a realistic scan of your body, and the is something you may wish to do if you want to capture high resolution imagery or very high realism. The resulting 3D model that is generated from the Naked 3d scanner is limited in realism, but it is plenty good to define your body measurements and track your weight gain or loss at various points on your body. When you have a virtual model of yourself, you can even make a few “photoshops” here and there to improve things a little for your online 3d avatar. And you don’t have to worry about that virtual shirt fitting your virtual model. 

For the enterprising individual, a body 3d scanning service could provide a little side income, or at least enough to buy a couple Jimmy John’s sandwiches. If you over-do it on the sandwiches, you can always measure their impact using the trusty Naked 3D scanner. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with 3D scanning services. could also be of benefit in analyzing body shapes, body types and recognizing excess body fat. But all of these technological advantages won’t do a whole lot of good unless we get ourselves over to the gym once and a while. 

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