3D scanning a Tailor-Made Suit

3D Scanning knows your size

Getting married and need a tuxedo? He can help you with that.  Need to look good for that job interview? He’s got your back. Need to impress the relatives at the next reunion? He’s the man to see. Need to be dressed to kill? Call Mr. 3D scanning services! Just when you thought 3D body scanners were only for airport security,  you will be pleasantly surprised to know that they are now being used to give you that Will Smith Men in Black look.  It is now being used by Colin Hunter, CEO and co-founder of Alton Lane, along with the other co-founder, Peyton Jenkins. This is a business serious about custom-fitted suits. In fact, they are so serious that they want to zap you with a laser; a laser scan all of your measurements, that is.


The Scan Room

It’s kind of like a Star Trek version of a tailor shop.  In the TV Series, Star Trek, Spock or Captain Kirk would stand there waiting for Scottie to zap them down to the planet below. At this tailor shop, you stand on the spot and they zap you into some fancy pants!  It may not happen as fast as it sounds, but some people have described it as being like standing in a UFO (not sure how they would know). Anyone who wants to buy a suit needs to go into the scanner to get a full body scan for measurements. Actual, the arms must be scanned individually using a tape measure, but everything else is taken care of in the scanner. Once the scan is done. They can sit back, grab a beverage and watch some TV while their custom suit is being made.

How it began

One of the co-founders says that it all started when he was in college and heard about 3D scanning. He thought that such an intriguing technology is sure to have some good uses. He put his head to it and came up with a real useful way to harness 3D scanning services.

A good quick fit

This is really is a good use of 3D scanning technology. The human body is not perfectly symmetrical. Some people have slightly different arm and shoulder lengths. A pre-made suit is going to be a bit awkward for that person. Tailors know this, of course, and try to customize suits as best as possible. Doing a 3D scan can save a lot of time and effort in this process. The scan takes about a half a minute, and the suit can me made to exact fit. Wow! That’s worth a zap!

3D scanning seems to be a good fit for the tailor-made suit industry, and men’s suits seem to be a good choice for it since suits don’t differ that much one from another. Women’s clothes, on the other hand are not so simple, so it may not take off as fast, but we should not be surprised if we start seeing 3D scanning services used in more interesting and innovative ways. Maybe we will start seeing tailor-made hats, shoes, exercise clothes and other things that will require a 3D scan.

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