3D Scanning Selfie

Perfect Match

Say cheese! Now that everyone has a camera in their hand, pictures are being snapped of everything. It’s not like the old days when you had to buy rolls of film. Today we can snap till we snap, or until get thumb cramps, and if we can’t find anything to snap, we can take selfies until we look as beautiful as we think we should. Now a company in India called PrintZworldwide is trying to take advantage of the selfie craze to combine it with 3D scanning services and 3D printing services. They are hoping to cash in on the fact that people love to look at themselves. Combining that with a 3D printing technology sounds like a picture perfect idea!

All about you

PrintZworldwide has created a service called MiniMee. What they plan to do is use 3D printing services to create a 3D physical replica of a selfie. Yep. They want to print out your selfie. And it doesn’t just have to be a selfie, but they can print a snapshot of your friends, pets, or whatever you want. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? What is more interesting is that you don’t have to go to any 3D scanning services have it done. All you have to do is give them your pictures and they will use the different angle views of each picture to reconstruct the person digitally, and then print out a 3D replica. Of course it will most likely be scaled down in size.

Give yourself away

This sounds perfect for one of those occasions when you have no idea what to buy for a gift. Some people already have everything, so it is hard to think of a gift that would make them happy. Well, how about giving them yourself!  You can give them a high-quality 3D printed YOU in living color. I heard of a couple who liked the idea of MiniMee so much that they had a 3D replica made of themselves, and had it sent to their son who was living far away.  Since they couldn’t see him as much as they wanted, they thought having a 3D replica of themselves it would make him feel a little closer to home. 

Easy does it

The process is pretty simple. MiniMee receives the photographs from the customer. About 5 or 6 photographs are all that is needed to make a 3D digital model.  In about 3 days time, MiniMee can have the digital model created and emailed back to the customer. Once the customer has had a chance to look it over and approve of it, they will send it back to have it printed out as a 3D model.

All this goes to show that 3D scanning services and 3D printing services can be used in some fun ways. Not only that, but the product is made at low-cost and is safe for the environment. This sounds like a winner all around. So the next time you go out and start snapping those handsome selfies, why not go all the way and have yourself 3D printed?

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