3D Scanners – Putting your Best Foot Forward

As travelers or shoe lovers, you might enclose your precious feet in climbing shoes, heavy ski boots, mountaineering boots or sturdy floaters – resulting in shoe bite or sore skin. Dealing with uncomfortable footwear will soon be the thing of the past thanks to 3D scanners. What makes the 3D printed shoes enticing is that the shoes are custom built for each person’s feet. Whether your left foot is shorter than the right one or you’re unable to find a shoe fitting your wide feet – 3D technology is the answer to your problems. Also, with the 3D scanning of shoes, rather than trying box after box of pre-made standard shoes, you can get your feet scanned from various angles to allow the computer to create an accurate 3D model of your feet. This interesting technology is not just limited to finding shoes of the right size; it offers amazing therapeutic benefits.

Here are a few reasons why the scanning technology is creating ripples in the fashion industry.

Designs for every need

The 3D scanners measure the exact foot size and contact plate of your feet to create a virtual 3D model. Based on the size and shape of the foot, you can choose from a bouquet of options including running shoes, outdoor boots, ski boots or training shoes. Furthermore, you customize the design and color based on your taste. The technology will allow you to slip in a pair of shoes, which will make you feel comfortable instantly. Leading brands like Adidas and Nike are using 3D technology to provide a seamless customer experience in choosing sneakers or shoes that best fit your feet. Apart from offering an array of designs, these scanners are bringing a paradigm shift in the shoe manufacturing process.

3D scanners Go beyond fashion

The 3D scanners are not meant just for the fashion enthusiasts; it’s helping a doctor to make precise orthotic shoes for patients. Using the 3D scans, comfortable orthotic shoes are made which alleviates the foot pain of the patient. These custom-made shoes are providing the customers with a high-level of comfort and reducing their pain. Also, a plethora of companies are collecting biomechanical data to understand how the feet of an individual athlete strikes the ground. After analyzing the forces, the manufacturers create a shoe that provides comfort and improves the efficacy of the athlete.

3D scanning: Lending a helping hand to the environment

The footwear industry is a significant contributor to the carbon footprint, but 3D technology is likely to curb down the harmful emission. Manufacturers do not require molds to test different designs because the designs are shown virtually to the customer. It cut-down wastes and ensures optimal utilization of material. It is enhancing the manufacturing process by printing only those designs which receive a nod from the customer

The 3D technology is a boon for the footwear industry because it saves inconvenient fitting time and provides a bewildering experience by allowing the customer to custom built their shoes. 3D scanners will continue to leave a mark in the foot care industry, and the coming years it will revolutionize the way we buy shoes.

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