Can 3D Printing Revolutionize the Trendy Fashion Industry?

The potential that 3D printing has is just like an iceberg, deceptively calm and peaceful when anyone sees it for the first time. But just under the surface hides 85-90% of the actual size below the sea.

So how is 3D technology related to icebergs?

For the end-users, the 3D prints are at their disposal, but in reality, the 3D technology is deep and requires cumbersome efforts. Keeping the science aside, the 3D technology is disrupting the luxury fashion industry and helping the luxury business overcome its fears and bottlenecks. Apart from facilitation customization and differentiation, 3D printed clothes are putting the power in the hands of the customers. It’s bringing a paradigm shift and taking us away from the era of mass production to an era of customized clothes. The fashion industry is making use of this revolutionizing technology since 2010, and the growth is likely to continue in the coming years.

3d printing Unleashes the imagination of the designer

3D printing services are empowering the designers to create intricate and unique designs while gaining greater flexibility in the design. Traditional manufacturing inhibits and restricts the imagination of the designer to molds. However, with 3D printers, designers are breaking all stereotypes and unleashing their creativity to provide unique designs which are becoming a fashion statement. It is allowing them to invent new designs and ideas, which is taking the fashion industry to the next level. Creating clothes using Swarovski crystal was a dream for many designers because it requires precision and a lot of efforts. But, with the advent of 3D technology creating a dress with 4000 articulated joints is no longer a dream. This 3D technology has the finesse necessary to turn the tables for an industry known for its quality craft.

Optimizes the lead time through 3d printing

3D printers ensure that the product reaches the runway or the market quickly. It reduces the lead time, which is enabling designers to reach their target audience before their competition. Instead of printing every item and waiting for a prospect, many designers are storing the finished products as digital files. These files are ready as soon as a customer makes the payment. Digital inventory is eliminating the storage cost and reducing the risk of unsold products. Global brands and independent boutiques can save hundreds of dollars by printing only those dresses, which their customers prefer. Furthermore, the rising adoption of this technology is ensuring that products are delivered on time, and customers don’t have to wait for a dress of their size. Simply, make alterations in the digital file and give the customers what they’re looking for.

Promotes sustainable production

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process wherein multiple layers of materials are put on top of each other to produce the final output. The additive manufacturing reduces the emission of CO2 gas, pollutants, and waste. The technology is helping save the nature, and a plethora of customers wants to associate with brands who are socially responsible and help in reducing the carbon footprints. The 3D technology is not a phenomenon which will pass away with time; it’s here to stay!

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