Can Augmented Reality be the game changer for Marketers?

What’s the greatest thing about augmented reality? – If done correctly – it simply works and creates ripples in the growing technological world. Last year, Pokémon Go was breaking the internet records because the mere thought of searching and finding  virtual monsters in the real world was intriguing for both adults and children. It was a sneak-peak in the future and provided a  glimpse of the human interaction with the computers. AR is bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world by opening an era of infinite opportunities.

With a promise of providing explosive ROI, AR is proving as a lethal tool in the arsenal of the marketers who primarily focusses on traditional marketing methods to reach the target audience. Today, AR is the game changer and providing a new horizon to the way marketing and advertisement are done. The 3D technology is piquing the interest of the marketers and enhancing the customer experience by reducing the potential bottlenecks from their journey.

Enriching the customer experience through augmented reality

Bringing people to the store or website and urging them to make a purchase is probably the most challenging job a marketer faces. Today, every company is trying to stand out from the crowd by integrating augmented reality in their marketing strategy. For example, clothing retailers are providing virtual fitting rooms for the customer to try the outfit virtually before purchasing it. AR is bringing a paradigm shift and helping companies enhance the customer experience. Home improvement companies are allowing the customers to virtually remodel their rooms using the in-store products to know what suits their taste. Furthermore, the entire landscape of print advertisement is undergoing a drastic change due to AR. AR is bringing the print advertisement to life and helping marketers to showcase their products using the 3D technology.

Augmented Reality Enhances the way a customer chooses a product

Most of the retailers and warehouses are using scanners to keep an eye on the inventory. The AR scanning items will work similarly. It will allow the customers to scan the products available in the store to gather more information about the product.  Marketers can leverage the scanning aspect of AR to enhance customer review and provide them material directly over the phone without them visiting the store. AR is promoting product scanning, which is improving the way a customer chooses a product.  Furthermore, marketers can offer special discounts using the AR apps to attract new business. For example, a retail store can make their place of operation a hot spot for an exciting AR game. It will not only increase footfall but will also enable the customer to choose the right product.

The rising growth of augmented reality doesn’t mean that it’s competing with traditional marketing – it’s complementing it. With the success of AR in different fields, brands are looking to jump on the AR train to ensure a smooth journey. In short, AR is the latest form of immersion, which is creating a new marketing world, wherein dreams meet the reality.

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