3D Scanning at the Paralympics

Better equipment by 3d scanning services

What is the most watched event on TV? I hope you did not say the Super Bowl. There are 1.3 billion people in China that I don’t think give a hoot about American football. If you said the World Olympic Games, then you hit the fist swag slap on the smacker. The Olympics are awesome. Everyone thinks they are awesome. We know that because nearly every country in this world is sending people to the Olympics every year to compete. Every Olympic season has its moments to remember. Most of those moments are either great tragedies or amazing victories. The Paralympics on the other hand don’t get so much attention, but no doubt the competition is just as fierce. It is fierce to the point that teams must do their very best to prepare not just their mind and bodies for the game, but also their equipment. To help them with that there is 3D scanning services.

A better glove with 3D scanning

Most people see the Paralympics as athletes with disadvantages. That, though, is not the case. There is no disadvantage when all athletes are playing on level ground. If everyone has a wheel chair except one guy who can run around, then we could say that there is a disadvantage. In the end it still comes down to hard training and skill. I am sure that every athlete in the competition must use a wheel chair that is approved by the Olympic committee to meet certain specifications. So really there is probably only so much one can do to modify a wheel chair. That is not to say that there are not accessories that can be modified. For example, the gloves worn by the athlete to push the wheels can be customized to make for a better grip. That is exactly what some athletes are doing. They are making a better glove for wheel chair racing using 3D scanning services

A perfect fit

You have probably all seen what it looks like when Olympic athletes in wheel chairs race. They hunch over and do a circular motion to accelerate the wheel chair. They say that the hands move in a clock like manner to maneuver the chair forward. It is for this reason that a wheelchair Olympic athlete need to have gloves that can give him or her a perfect grip. Making a better glove can be done by 3D scanning services. 3D scanning services can capture the perfect dimensions of the hand, and therefore make a perfect fit. A good tight fit is important sits everything really depends on how well the athlete works the hands. Of course we all know that superior strength, determination, and skill are not going to get beet simply by a pair of fancy gloves. But if it came down to neck and neck, those gloves might be the key to taking the gold.

The next time you turn on the Paralympics don’t just look at the athletes. They are the most important of course, but a little bit of credit needs to go to 3D scanning services.

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