See Through Walls Using 3D Laser Scanning Services

X-Ray vision by 3D laser Scanning services

Did you ever wish you had x-ray vision? It would be handy in a lot of situations. First of all, if you worked for airport security you could get rid of that bulky conveyor belt scanner. It would have been awesome to have x-ray vision in school. That way you could know when the teacher would suddenly walk in the door. On the other hand, it would cause a lot of privacy problems when living in an apartment complex. It doesn’t really matter, though, because x-ray vision will never really become a reality. Or will it? In fact, there is one group of gurus that are making 3D vision a reality. No, it may not be superman x-ray vision that can see the size of you fruit of the looms, but it does give the 3D x-ray vision effect. The ones doing it are the guys using 3D laser scanning services.

Many Scans when 3D laser Scanning

3D laser scanning services is giving people x-ray vision of their buildings and facilities. It’s not x-ray vision in real-time, of course. It does, though, give the effect of it when viewed as a 3D computerized model. So how does it work? The first thing one has to know about 3D scanning is that no scan job done by 3D laser scanning services is just one scan. In fact, a 3D laser scanning job takes a lot of scans. The reason is because no one angle can capture every corner or nook and cranny. A room full of pipes has to be scanned at many angles to get all sides of the room. Technicians go into a room of a facility with a plan to capture many scans. After that, they take all that data and patch it all together. The end result is a 3D virtual reality computerized model that makes you feel like you have x-ray vision.

Reasons for 3D laser scanning services

There are many reason why someone would want to have a building 3D scanned by 3D laser scanning services. One of which is to remodel. Retrofitting can be a difficult task. It is especially hard if you don’t have the right tools. 3D laser scanning services can come in with a 3D scanner and capture the whole facility and rebuild it as a virtual model. That virtual model gives whoever is doing the retrofit project all of the exact measurements of the facility. Why not just use blueprints? Blueprints can be assumed not to show the exact as-built measurements. Therefore, 3D scanning services is what is needed to get the job done. There are other reasons, of course, why one would use 3D laser scanning services to get a 3D x-ray vision model of a facility. The point here, though, is that whatever the reason, 3D laser scanning services can do it.

So the next time someone jokes with you about the fanciful idea of having x-ray vision, you can tell them that it is possible. They won’t believe you, of course, but it’s true, thanks to 3D laser scanning services.

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