3D Scanning Can Make Hotel Booking a Little More Real


WYSIWYG is an acronym used in computer talk to mean “what you see is what you get”, and it mean that what you see on the screen is the exactly what the final product is going to look like. There is a place that you are generally not going to see this acronym used, and that is the hotel industry. That is a problem.

The shoe doesn't fit

How many of us have had the experience of booking a hotel room online only to find that a room pictured in the advertisement was looked far better than the way the room actually turned out to be. I have yet to see a hotel advertisement with pictures of smoke stained curtains, a crooked chair, and a few cockroaches on the bed. In unfortunate truth is that what you see is generally not what you get. At the very least, the size and feel of the room should appear true to reality. Many times though we are shown a huge and spacious room which turns out to be a small bedroom at best. How are we going to fix this? The truth is, big pests need big fly swatters. We need to call in the big guns. We need 3D scanning services.

Some are legit

It is important to point out, too, that not all hotels exaggerate their rooms in their advertisements. Some hotels, like the Ritz Carlton, are as good as the picture, and sometimes the pictures don’t do the hotel rooms justice. Using 3D scanning services to make a 3D virtual tour is a great advantage to those high quality hotels also. Those 4 and 5 star hotels can really show off the luxury that their guests are going to experience if they book through virtual tours. It will help level the playing field so the guests are not tricked into staying at a dumpy place advertising a classy outfit, and customers who are willing to pay the price for high comfort will know that they are not getting hoodwinked.

All in all, we all simply want to get what we see as advertised. Hopefully 3D scanning services will be able to make WYSIWYG a common expression in the world of hotel rooms.

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