Flipping the LP Record Wax With DJ 3D Laser Scanning

What goes around doesn't always come around

Goodbye. There are some things that were popular at one time but seem very unlikely to make a comeback. The wrist watch calculator is a good example. That one gets piled to the back of the won’t-be-back bus. People are getting all that they need in their Apple watches to go back to that one. Another technological carcass would be the cathode ray tube TV. Who wants to try making this one cool again? Let that one sink into the quicksand of electronics oblivion. Now there are some things that do come back to haunt us like a nostalgic nightmare. Remember the pictures of mom and dad in those bell bottoms? They made a comeback, but they didn’t quit look the same.

Records are back

There are also a few things that came back that I never thought would. I never thought the old LP record players would be back for a visit.People have often said that LP records have a richer and fuller sound than digital music.It could be that the love never really died. It could be that we have just finally found a way to resuscitate it. The LP has been revived.

3D Laser Scanning flippin' the wax

The records are back and 3D laser scanning services is capitalizing on the love for LPs. Now LPs are not only being played on those traditional turntables. They are also being laser scanned and then played out digitally without even touching the record.  This makes it possible to play some old records that under normal circumstances could not have been played. The Smithsonian institute has some rare vinyl records from 100 years ago. No one is going to allow those the risk of being scratched on a turntable. The needle, or stylus as they call it, is not necessity with 3D laser scanning. 3D laser scanning retrieves the information without even touching the record player. I like the sound of that.  

Mix your own LP

3D technology is a way for LP record enthusiasts to continue enjoying the LP experience with their own picks. Records can be printed out using 3D printing technology.  Usually a song is recorded into MP3 format, but with 3D printed LP’s, the record is printed using data from an MP3 file. This allows people to be creative with their LP’s. How about creating an LP of your own favorite hits list. Do you like the Bee Gees? Me neither, but if you did, you could print your own LP. Customize a record with you own picks. That would make a great gift for grandma who still has that old player. Of course there will be some who are not satisfied. The guys who loved the old vinyl records will be too picky to like the 3D printed version. The quality won’t be the same, but you can’t please everyone. To those people we suggest the second hand store with a pile of records that no one seems to care to buy.

So, it is time to pull out that box of vinyls and let DJ Laser Flip spike some funky wax. Meantime, you can gather up your hits and get ready to 3D print a top ten of your favorite tunes. Print it out and send it as gifts to your buddies so that they can enjoy the smooth groove brought to you by 3D laser scanning services.

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