Apple’s New Electric Vehicle

Apple is one of the most popular brands globally and has been on top of the game for devices, and electronics consumers love. They give us technology that once seemed impossible but can now be accessed by anyone. We heard rumors about a plan to make electric cars from Apple. Now there is solid evidence that this is in the works, and once again, Apple is adopting some of the best technology to do it. 3D laser scanning has made its way to Apple users and will be prevalent in the cars they create.

 The car will feature a monocell battery, LIDAR, or light detection and ranging, which is now featured in the iPhone 12, and it will also have a sleek design knowing Apple. Focusing on electric vehicles’ production and making them more appealing to consumers will actually help our environment.

 There are many reasons Apple may choose to focus on electric cars and why they might add in 3D laser scanning. This can be one of Apple’s best decisions and may help change our world and protect our planet.

Why are electric cars important?

We don’t know exactly why Apple has taken this next step, but we know it is an important one. Electric cars will be the way of the future and help us protect this world by making the switch. Electric cars may seem expensive, but they are unquestionably better.

Cost less

Though the initial cost of the car may deter some from making the switch. In the long run, it will actually be much cheaper to maintain your electric car. You will not need to buy gas, make oil changes, or smog tests. Fewer pieces will break down, and this will save you a fortune in pocket expenses.

Air quality

These cars don’t run on gas. This means they produce less toxic chemicals. Electric cars do not have tailpipe emissions. This could help prevent disease and more.


Many of the electric cars you see on the market are safer for several reasons. They are made and installed with the latest technology like 3D laser scanning, but they also have fewer failing pieces. Overall they are way safer than gas-powered cars.

Fill up at home

Instead of adding an extra ten minutes on your way to work, you can simply charge up at home. This is an easy and convenient way to power your car without fuss.

Why Use 3D laser scanning in a car

Apple may install LIDAR technology as an extra safety measure. Instead of something like a backup camera, these sensors can project a more accurate view of the world and even document any accidents that may occur. 3D laser scanning is one of the most accurate ways to collect information and could be beneficial for a driver’s safety.

Final thoughts

Though we have no idea when the Apple vehicle will emerge, we definitely know what to look for. None of us can wait to inspect the car and see what amazing work Apple has created. We like their gadgets and love that they have added 3D laser scanning into their latest seasons.



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