Reinventing Dentistry With 3D Laser Scanning

Many of us dream of having the perfect smile, but sometimes the basic brace is out of the question. Some people worldwide have never imagined they would be able to get their smiles done, teeth installed, or braces on, let alone with a 3D laser scanning device to help it all come together. Dustin Pfundheller is an amazing dentist who traveled the world after graduating to help people get the smiles they always dreamed of.

Dr. Dustin has made it his life goal to allow everyone to smile. He wants to make dental care unique by bringing in the latest technology like 3D laser scanning and making the dental work affordable. His office is completely unique, with two waiting rooms, one for pediatrics and one for adults. Dr. Dustin will see anyone from babies to seniors and won’t turn anyone away.

Most times, an adult will go in for a crown, but it isn’t as simple as they think, and costs more than they want to spend. A dentist has to take measurements, put in a temporary crown, and then weeks later, the final product is done and has to be inserted. This is a long and tedious process for both the patient and the dentist.

Dr. Dustin has adopted 3D laser scanning to take exact measurements faster than any other way. In 90 minutes, a scan can be done, a crown can be created, milled, and a patient can walk out of the office with a smile on their face. There are many ways that a 3D laser scanning device can impact a dentist’s office.

Why choose 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning has slowly emerged to be in the limelight of the technological world. It has brought many advancements in fields we never would have imagined. Here are why dentists should start opting to use 3D scanning.

Less time

Often, patients have to sit with their mouth open for hours trying to make awkward conversation with the doctor. This can be unsettling. The best feature of this technology is that it can capture accurate information in under a few minutes.

No pain

Poking and prodding with scary-looking tools at the dentist’s office is unnerving and often unsettling for many patients. Scanning allows fewer tools to be used and accurate measurements to be taken easily.

Saved to the cloud

Every scan is saved to the cloud, making it the perfect place to save information on a patient to use later. Dentists need to save all information on their patients’ teeth for a minimum amount of years. Instead of taking physical molds that take up storage space, they can save it electronically and as accurately.

Scans can be made

Pairing 3D laser scanning with 3D printing can be one of the best moves for a dentist, instead of sending measurements somewhere and guessing if they are made correctly. The scans can gather the information, send it to a printer, and print the final piece then and make things easier.

Final thoughts

There are so many things we have yet to discover with 3D laser scanning. As more people adopt this technology, we will continue to find more uses and make better improvements. We have found a doctor who is using this amazing tech to help people smile.

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